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"Stories are not just stories; they are the best invention ever created for delivering mental models that drive behavior." - Daniel Coyle




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Getting it Right: 4 Ways to Improve Your B2B Social Media Marketing - Active Blogs

Are you a social media skeptic? While you may think of social media marketing as more of a B2C thing, more business professionals are recognizing this effort as an important...

Retail Control Systems

10 Ways FoyerLive Digital Displays Improve Retail - RCS

FoyerLive's interactive kiosks allow customers to view product descriptions, comparisons, demos and reviews on attractive touchscreen displays.

Anthea powered by RCS

The G7 of Cannabis - Anthea powered by RCS - Workshop Blog

When RCS entered the cannabis industry in 2012, part of our reason for doing so was because we saw dispensaries struggling due to a lack of reliable retail support solutions....


What is Content Marketing and Does Content Marketing It Work?

Content marketing is not just profitable-it's indispensable to establishing trust and remaining relevant, regardless of your industry.​ Learn more about the importance of...

Revive Properties Fort Collins

[Press Release] Fort Collins Developer Receives Coveted DOE Housing Innovation Award

“Housing Innovation Award winners represent the top 1% of builders across the country who successfully demonstrate they can meet the federal government’s most rigorous...

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Bennington Museum Draws Visitors from Around the World to a Small Town in Vermont

Jasen Frederickson has been working at Bennington Museum for five of its 165 years, but you can tell by talking with him that he feels deeply connected to it. I hadn’t heard of...

Anthea powered by RCS

Canada Beat Us to Cannabis Legalization, but we still have plenty to talk about

Canada just became the second country worldwide to legalize cannabis—an epic event for anyone interested in public policy or the cannabis industry. There’s no way to overstate...

Concklin Insurance Agency

Homeowners Insurance Summer Vacation Checklist - Concklin Insurance Agency

You've checked your auto and travel insurance policies and know you're covered while on vacation, but what about the home you'll be leaving behind? Burst pipes, broken...

AE Building Systems

What is Continuous Insulation and Why Does It Matter? - AE Building Systems

Let's start by clearing up a misconception about building envelopes: Buildings need to breathe, walls don't. If you want a building to be energy efficient and comfortable, you...

Concklin Insurance Agency

Home-Sharing Services: Do You or Those Who Rent Your Home Need Insurance Coverage? - Concklin...

The sharing economy has brought about business model innovations, allowing people to monetize underutilized assets including cars, storage space, gear, and living space by...

Retail Control Systems

Goodwill Industries Social Impact - Retail Control Systems - Blog

Goodwill Industries isn't exactly a retailer. It's a nonprofit organization whose call to arms is helping disadvantaged people find employment.

Anthea powered by RCS

Will Intellectual Property Law Upend the Medical Cannabis Industry?

Q: How do you ensure nobody swoops in with a patent attorney and claims ownership of a cannabis strain that was already in use when Nirvana was touring? A: An insane amount...

Anthea powered by RCS

The Growing Importance of Terpene Literacy - Anthea Powered by RCS

Have you ever seen someone sniff a nugget of cannabis like it's a glass of Malbec? It happens. Just as a wine snob might try to pin down the region and type of grape a wine...

Retail Control Systems

8 Proven Tips Keep Your Customers Coming Back - RCS - Blog

There are several reasons you should prioritize retention over new customer acquisition. Harvard Business Review reports that "acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to...

Anthea powered by RCS

4/20 Mussings - Anthea by RCS - Blog - Cannabis POS - Seed to Sale

Today is the fifth 4/20 holiday since recreational cannabis was legalized in Colorado and Washington with the passage of Amendment 64 and Ballot Initiative 502. Colorado's...

Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA

Why Technology Matters to the Legal Ecosystem - Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA

How Law Firms and In-House Counsel Are Navigating Changing Technology Nat Slavin, Partner, Wicker Park Group "Navigating" is the perfect term for discussing legal technology...

Retail Control Systems

9 Sustainability Tips to Reduce Waste - Retail Control Systems - Blog

We're going to be real candid here. Most things marketed as "sustainability" efforts are more accurately "waste reduction" initiatives. What follows are some proven insights on...

Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA

Mastering Marketing Technology - Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA

Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Engagement, HubSpot Program Chair, MarTech The legal marketing landscape is changing faster than anyone could have anticipated ten years ago,...

Retail Control Systems

Best Practices for Dealing with Negative Customer Reviews - RCS

Whether you're a retailer, restaurateur, tour guide or museum director, your first negative review can make you feel like a donkey kicked you in the stomach. Don't go all...

Berbay Marketing & PR | Los Angeles CA

By the Numbers: Using Data Analytics to Build Smart Content Strategies - Berbay Marketing & PR |...

Susan Kostal Principal, Stet Consulting Adrian Lürssen Vice President, Co-founder, JD Supra John Page Director of Communications, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP "Oh great,...