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Hi there! I’m an NYC-based writer, teacher, and performer who has visited all 50 United States, tap-danced around the world, and makes a mean batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies. Check out my stories on The Advocate, Humungus, The Bold Italic, Matador Network, Human Parts, Tenderly, diariesof, The Culture-ist, Epicure & Culture, and in ROVA Magazine.

Check out more of my travel-related content on Instagram @tinyplanettravel, or visit my blog,

Matador Network
11 American cities with surprising street art scenes

Step aside, stuffy art museums - street art has taken over the nation as the most important contemporary art movement of our time. What began as a subversive form of art about 40 years ago is now, in many urban areas, city sanctioned.

On Being Naked In A Locker Room

Why are young men still so reticent to show skin in a culture that shares so much? There are those, like Euphoria 's Nate, who avert eye contact in the hopes their feigned disinterest in cock will mask their true penile preoccupation.

Coming Out of the Closet in a Speedo - Human Parts

How a simple swimsuit helped me embrace my sexuality "Well, that's one way to get a suntan!" This is what a woman sniggered just after passing me on the hiking trail to Secret Falls in Kauai. I was wearing a bright blue Speedo.

Matador Network
The 10 best LGBTQ-friendly small towns in the US

We've won marriage equality. Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay man, is running for President. Drag queens have gone mainstream on network TV with their leader, RuPaul Charles, shouting, "If you can't love yourself, how in hell you gonna love somebody else?"

Fine Dining at a Croatian Farmers' Market

How I experience travel on my tastebuds as a vegetarian Cherry red umbrellas open toward the sky's golden yolk and shade farmers who shout "Izvolite!" to the swarms shopping at Dolac Market. Honey bees hum above piles of royal plums sold by a sturdy-looking babushka, and I stammer, searching for a word in Hrvatski to ask for a bag of fresh figs.

Matador Network
8 places to encounter wild animals up close in the US

Have you ever gone on an outdoor adventure with the hopes of finding fantastic beasts, only to see fellow tourists around every turn instead? For wildlife lovers, this is an all-too-common occurrence. Searching for animals in their natural habitats can be frustrating and, in popular tourist destinations, fruitless.

The Last Gay Bar in the Tenderloin - The Bold Italic

Disco night at Aunt Charlie's Lounge Along Turk Street in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, homeless people form shanty towns from dirt-caked tents, busted shopping carts and miscellaneous trash. The smell of week-old piss permeates the crowded sidewalks they've conquered for the night, though their struggle to live in America's tech mecca is far from over.

'Is He a Top or a Bottom?'

There is a question inappropriately asked of nearly every gay or bi man I've ever met. An assumption often accompanies the question, and it annoys me to no end. I don't find it unsuitable when asked by our consensual sexual partners, who pose the query for a different set of reasons, though I'll touch on that, too.

The Culture-ist
How to Speak Howler: A Trip to the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Belize

By : John Garry When I reached Burrell Boom in the Cayo District of Belize, I thought I'd heard every possible language spoken in Central America. Belizeans flip between English, Creole, Spanish, and dialects of Mayan with minimal effort-an impressive fact for an unenlightened monolingual American like myself.

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