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Incentivizing Consumers to Buy Electric Vehicles

My interest in cars has been called atypical. Growing up, my father worked as a mechanic for a Chrysler dealership on Chicago's south side and later as a bus mechanic for the CTA. I grew up surrounded by cars in various states of repair but I generally viewed cars as that thing that made my old man swear in the garage.

Loren Academic Services Inc.
Once more, with feeling

Loren shared a recent New York Times article with me by Claire Needell Hollander about the danger of assigning texts without feeling. She calls these types of reading "agnostic texts." In order to meet the needs of The Common Core, these texts are accessible regardless of student backgrounds.

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Rough Country Lift Kit

If you are looking to lift your truck, you already have your reasons. But the benefits of the Rough Country Lift Kit bear repeating: in addition to scoring an intimating look for your truck, this kit will give your rig additional vertical clearance for improved offroad control.
SnowEx Tailgate Salt Spreader

Nothing keeps winter at bay quite like a truck equipped with a plow and a tailgate spreader. The SnowEx Tailgate Salt Spreader is a cost-efficient salt spreader that attaches easily to your rig and available in four different models: Wireless, Junior, Mini Pro, and Pivot Pro.

Power Stop OE Replacement Brake Kit

Overhaul your brakes without breaking the bank with the Power Stop Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake Kit. This money-saving brake kit contains everything you need for a marked improvement over your factory brakes: advanced Z16 brake pads and OE style rotors.

Raptor OE Style Nerf Bars

As a truck owner, you've got choices when it comes to nerf bars. But getting the best look for your truck doesn't mean bolting on just any set of bars. With 30 degree bends on each end, Raptor Oval OE Style Nerf Bars are designed to compliment your truck's factory look - not replace it. Plus, these bars use your existing factory mounts for a straight forward installation.
SnowBear Snow Plow

When you attach a SnowBear Snow Plow to your truck, your neighbors will look on with envy as you clear your street and driveway without breaking a sweat. This plow attaches to your truck using any 2" front mounting hitch (sold separately) and costs as much as a snowblower but with the added benefit of complete mobility. Unlike a snowblower, you can easily clear nearby streets in addition to just your driveway.

KONI STR.T Orange Shocks

So you want to replace your car's factory suspension but aren't sure where to start. Don't worry: KONI has got you covered. KONI STR.T Orange Shocks are great replacement for your factory parts and a great first step to unlocking your vehicle's true potential.

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Car Name Generator

When the Internet was first conceived, early adopters hoped it would be used as a global market place of ideas. Today, it's used almost exclusively as a way to take personality tests and share them on social networks.

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