Jocelyn Wiener


I am an Oakland-based narrative journalist with a focus on health and mental health care and other social issues.


Words to Live By
My baby and my fitbit
How a small piece of technology had a human-sized impact on a mother's relationship to her child.
Magical Thinking
To the owners of the house around the corner with the over-the-top holiday decorations, I just want to say: Thank you. Depending on one's stance on Russian election...
So It's Right to Be Worried?
Jocelyn Wiener's grandmother sometimes imagines things, but when she heard that something bad had happened in Chicago, she wasn't confused.
Proud To Be a Wiener
I remember the first time it happened. We were at Baskin Robbins, placing an order for a cake, and my mom gave her last name as Wisner. I stared at her, confused. Wisner is a...
I can think of a lot of reasons not to bring a child into this world. War. Global warming. The price of college. The cost of health care. The growing income disparity between...
Gammy can't see me anymore, but every time I visit, she tells me I'm beautiful. Gammy can't hear me well anymore, but she lights up at the sound of my voice. Gammy doesn't...


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