Jocelyn Wiener


I am an Oakland-based narrative journalist with a focus on health and mental health care and other social issues.


Center for Health Reporting

Two tiny towns struggle after their clinics close

DOYLE - Just before the turnoff into this tiny community, near the shuttered Burger Barn, a sign announcing Doyle's existence also hints at its fade toward oblivion. Underneath...

Center for Health Reporting

Finding specialists tough for rural patients under managed care

QUINCY, Plumas County - Diane Kantoff's job is to find specialists who will treat patients of the Plumas District Hospital Clinic in this quaint little town in the woods 80...

The Sacramento Bee

Tackling Life, Part 1

In 1992, football united a group of boys. Dangerous streets, however, beckoned. Some of the teammates would triumph, but tragedy was always near.

The Sacramento Bee

Tackling Life, Part 2

Kaiser Health News

Latino Youth In California See Significant Rise In Psychiatric Hospitalizations

Psychiatric hospitalizations of Latino children and young adults in California are rising dramatically - at a much faster pace than among their white and black peers, according...

The Atlantic

The Parents Who Jump-Started Autism Research in California

Two decades ago, a group of well-connected, politically savvy families launched a world-leading research center-and fueled a debate over whether autism can and should be cured....

The Sacramento Bee

Ticket to Nowhere

The Sacramento Bee

She was a friend to all, but died alone

The Sacramento Bee

Tackling Life, Part 3


Brain, Child

My Son Wears A Dress

For my son, his desire for the dress is profoundly logical: He needs it to twirl. By Jocelyn Wiener "I want the yellow dress," begs the weeping, shrieking two-year-old boy...

Washington Post

Perspective | The tooth fairy is coming

My daughter floats into the living room, cheeks flushed, hair rumpled. A hopeful smile flutters across her face. Her tongue wiggles something. "Could I have a loose tooth?" she...

Washington Post

Perspective | Should I tell my children about the issues that worry me?

The nightmare always ended the same way: I knelt in the back yard at night, trying to hide my three younger brothers in the sandbox while Nazis searched our house. What saved...

Washington Post

Perspective | My 4-year-old's first encounter with homelessness left me struggling for answers

The white feathers floated everywhere. It took me a moment to discern their source. A woman, 30-something, slim and tired-looking, was trying to stuff a ratty down sleeping bag...

Stanford Magazine

Words to Live By

Pacific Standard

My baby and my fitbit

How a small piece of technology had a human-sized impact on a mother's relationship to her child.


Magical Thinking

To the owners of the house around the corner with the over-the-top holiday decorations, I just want to say: Thank you. Depending on one's stance on Russian election...


So It's Right to Be Worried?

Jocelyn Wiener's grandmother sometimes imagines things, but when she heard that something bad had happened in Chicago, she wasn't confused.


Proud To Be a Wiener

I remember the first time it happened. We were at Baskin Robbins, placing an order for a cake, and my mom gave her last name as Wisner. I stared at her, confused. Wisner is a...



I can think of a lot of reasons not to bring a child into this world. War. Global warming. The price of college. The cost of health care. The growing income disparity between...