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Audrey Martin
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The Sun Chronicle
A blow out: Balloon artist sets sights on record

For most of the country, the Super Bowl ended on Feb. 4. But for Dan Staples and his 4,000 balloons, what he's calling his own "Super Bowl" kicked off on Monday when he began putting together what he hopes will set the Guinness world record for the largest balloon sculpture.

The Sun Chronicle
Vehicles line up at Attleboro area car washes after first snowfall

Suds spurted over tires and water flowed over windshields at the Triple Play Car Wash and Quick Lube in Attleboro on Wednesday as a seemingly endless line of cars rolled inside. After last week's snowfall, everyone seemed eager to get the winter grime, mostly made of up road salt and mud, off their cars.

The Sun Chronicle
10 ways to spend New Year's Eve, in Attleboro area and beyond

With so much focus on the Time Square New Year's Eve celebration in New York, it's sometimes easy to forget all of the fun local events available to help kick off 2018 on a high note. But they're out there in abundance, and below you'll find 10 we picked for your consideration.

The Sun Chronicle
Canton couple has first baby of the year at Sturdy

ATTLEBORO Cheryl Mullaley and Tony Derenthal welcomed their son Armand on New Year's Day at Sturdy Memorial Hospital, making them winners of The Sun Chronicle's new baby of the year contest of 2018. Mullaley and Derenthal were, despite being a little overtired, happy to be spending some extra time with their new son.

The Sun Chronicle
Chaminade Opera Group keeps tradition alive in Norton

NORTON Opera, a musical genre usually associated with ornate theater houses and extravagant music halls, is something not many have the pleasure of experiencing firsthand. The Chaminade Opera Group, however, has been bringing it to the area for nearly 60 years.

The Sun Chronicle
A dog's life in the cold

The Wrentham Dog Park is just a plot of land. But for Jennifer Savickis and her mixed-breed rescue, it's a lifesaver. "I am so grateful for this park," the 49-year-old Wrentham resident said. "You can't replicate the exercise from dogs running around with other dogs."

The Sun Chronicle
Mansfield resident saves elderly woman

MANSFIELD - John Martin Sweeney was sitting at his desk last Thursday when he noticed something strange outside his window. "It was during the height of the storm," Sweeney said. "I was looking out the window when I saw this lady outside cleaning her car off."

The Sun Chronicle
Norfolk Animal Control Officer saves life with first non-canine CPR attempt

NORFOLK Town Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen was entertaining a friend recently when he suffered a heart attack. The good thing is, she knew CPR. The bad thing? She had only performed it on dogs. Still, Cohen forged ahead and, despite her trepidation and apparently breaking her friend's rib in the process, he is around today to tell the tale.

The Sun Chronicle
Marching for rights in Mansfield

MANSFIELD - On the one-year anniversary of the historic Women's March, it wasn't just Boston and Providence gathering again to show their resistance to injustice and hate. Mansfield held its very own march on Saturday to show its support for causes such as women's rights and immigration justice.

The Sun Chronicle
Now on sale: Anything Patriots

There are only 13 shopping days until the Super Bowl and Patriots fans lost no time Monday in stocking up on their team's merchandise Just as Tom Brady and his teammates are gearing up for the big day Feb.

The Sun Chronicle
DA's office has a lesson for parents on where children may be hiding drugs

ATTLEBORO - Placed on the table of a teen bedroom display sits a can of Arizona Iced Tea. Except, it's not actually filled with tea. Though it may look like, and feel as heavy as the real product, it is actually a fake version that can be used by teens to hide substances from their parents.

The Sun Chronicle
One Super Surprise: North Attleboro woman wins coveted tickets

On Wednesday afternoon, Pamela Woodie of North Attleboro got the phone call every Patriots fan dreams of: She had won tickets to the Super Bowl. "I was truly in shock," Woodie, 51, said Thursday as she drove to Minneapolis, where the Pats will take on the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night in Super Bowl LII.

The Sun Chronicle
Wheaton students do some sleuthing for Attleboro Arts Museum

While most Wheaton College students spent last semester with their heads buried in textbooks, memorizing assignments or pounding out essays, students in Leah Niederstadt's class got to do something a little different. After being assigned a piece of art from the Attleboro Arts Museum, the students were required to trace the work's provenance - or ownership, custody or location over time.

The Sun Chronicle
Attleboro art teachers strut their stuff in 'pop-up' museum show

ATTLEBORO -- The old saying, "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach" is being thoroughly dispelled this month by a new "pop-up" exhibit at the Attleboro Arts Museum. "Extracurricular" runs Saturday through Friday, Feb. 10-16, and features the work of visual arts teachers in the Attleboro public school system.

The Sun Chronicle
For the love of dogs

With slobbery, super-sized smiles, dogs are known for their incomparable ability to bring joy and excitement to anyone in their path. At least, that's what any dog lover would say. But a recent study suggests dogs might make you healthier, too.

The Sun Chronicle
African-American movie goers in North Attleboro revel in 'Black Panther' movie

NORTH ATTLEBORO - On Monday afternoon, Geraldine King left theShowcase Cinemas movie theater holding the hands of her two young sons. She had just seen "Black Panther," Marvel's latest superhero movie featuring a predominantly black cast, for the second time, and it seemed like she was ready for a third.

The Sun Chronicle
Plainville mom's Easter children's book to be sold in malls nationwide

PLAINVILLE - As the mother of two young children, Plainville resident Kristin McCabe has always loved children's books. During the holidays, she and her children especially enjoyed the popular Christmas story and toy, "Elf on the Shelf." "Last year before Christmas, I remember my daughter was so excited for the 'Elf on the Shelf' to come out," McCabe, 35, said.

The Sun Chronicle
Spring isn't here just yet, though the weather feels like it

Laine Johnson, 36, spent all of Tuesday morning inside her house working. But at 2 p.m., after watching the temperatures creep higher and higher into the 60s all morning, she just couldn't take it anymore. "I decided I just had to take the dog outside," the Attleboro resident said.

The Sun Chronicle
North Attleboro town read: Finding hidden lessons in 'Hidden Figures'

NORTH ATTLEBORO -- As soon as Maggie Holmes, adult services director at Richards Memorial Library, finished reading "Hidden Figures" last year, she knew it would be the perfect choice for the library's 2018 town-wide read. "I was fascinated on so many levels," she said.

Dunkin' to drop it's 'Donuts': Rebranding raises controversy among regulars

Early on a drizzly Tuesday morning, Boston residents filtered in and out of the Dunkin' Donuts in Kenmore Square with their hoods up and coffee in hand. Some just popped in to grab their morning dark roast, while others took a seat inside to catch up with friends and enjoy that freshly-brewed coffee scent.

The Sun Chronicle
Black Friday loses a little of its luster as Cyber Monday gains momentum

Black Friday. Whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, it's an undoubtedly iconic American holiday. But the charm of the one-day super-sale seems to be fading as Cyber Monday gains popularity as the way to get deals without setting an alarm for 2 a.m.

The Sun Chronicle
Hockomock Legends Ball honors Patriot's player Matthew Slater

WRENTHAM "Giving Tuesday," the name given to the day after the extravagance of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, worked as the perfect backdrop for the 12th annual Hockomock Area YMCA Legends Ball at Lake Pearl Luciano's.

The Sun Chronicle
Wrentham teen's ATV accident sparks him into community service

Brandon Moskal spent the day before the start of his sophomore year at Bishop Feehan High School ATVing around the Birchwold Farms area in Wrentham with his neighbor. Moskal went to this particular trail often, so he was familiar with the route. His parents, however, were not.

The Sun Chronicle
Free textbook initiative at Wheaton College

When compared to the soaring tuition of college, coupled with the added expenses of housing and food, the price of a few textbooks for class may seem insignificant. The Student Government Association at Wheaton College in Norton disagrees.

The Sun Chronicle
Community Kwanzaa event to be held by Black Doll Museum in Mansfield

MANSFIELD - The National Black Doll Museum of History & Culture in Mansfield will be holding its 4th annual community Kwanzaa celebration on Sunday at 4 p.m. The night will include food, performances and ceremonies for all to enjoy. Kwanzaa is a week-long African American and Pan-African holiday that celebrates family, community and culture.

The Sun Chronicle
Guatemalan immigrant in Attleboro finds hope in US and his music

ATTLEBORO - When Ian Jidhu was a child, he didn't have enough money for shoes. Now, the Attleboro musician is booking a one-way flight to Los Angeles in pursuit of record deals obtained through, as he says, "pure hard work." Jidhu, 25, was born in Guatemala to a music producer.

The Sun Chronicle
What it takes to run the annual Ed Tedesco Memorial Dinner

ATTLEBORO -- For the attendees of the Ed Tedesco Memorial Dinner in Attleboro, the Christmas day festivities start at noon when the meals are served, and end at 2:30 when they're done. For Lori Carroll and her two sisters however, the preparation lasts a little longer.

The Sun Chronicle
Songs take them back in time, in the present

Ever heard someone say, "That song takes me back?" Whether it's '60s rock or '30s Big Band, everyone seems to have songs that just transport them back in time. But no one understands this phenomena better than Erik Johnson and Judy Brown, employees at Tockwotton on the Waterfront Nursing Home in East Providence, which is home to a program called "Music and Memory."

The Sun Chronicle
Mother's Day: Local women talk about their unique paths to motherhood

On Sunday, mothers across the country hope to be waking up to cards, flowers and perhaps even a home-cooked breakfast in bed in celebration of one of the hardest, yet perhaps most rewarding, jobs a woman can take on: Motherhood. Every mother has a different story to share.

The Sun Chronicle
'Sobriety games' held in Attleboro to celebrate accomplishments

ATTLEBORO - Anyone driving past Willett Elementary School in Attleboro Saturday afternoon would have seen people gathered on its grassy field, squinting from the beaming sun as they viewed games of dodge ball and tug-of-war, many of them holding a hotdog or ice cream cone from one of the local food trucks pulled up to the curb.

The Sun Chronicle
Celebrate Earth Day in Norfolk, Attleboro and beyond

OK, it's been a cold spring so far, but it can't last forever, can it? And if being shut inside since January has you in a funk, there's no better way to kick off the warmer seasons than getting outside and back to nature.

The Sun Chronicle
Heat wave or no heat wave, outdoor workers in the Attleboro area get the jobs done

For most workers, just the walk from the car to their air-conditioned office building on days when temperatures soar into the 90s can feel like enough heat to last the whole season. But for workers like Rachel Brunelle, a 19-year-old lifeguard at the Attleboro Community Pool who spends six hours a day under the blistering sun, heat is in the job description.

The Sun Chronicle
Local Starbucks closed on Tuesday for anti-bias training

ATTLEBORO - For the grande caramel macchiato and venti mocha frappuccino addicts out there, Tuesday was a tough day. Local Starbucks locations in Attleboro, Seekonk and Foxboro joined the more than 8,000 U.S. stores closing after 2 p.m. for anti-bias training following an incident last month in Philadelphia.

The Sun Chronicle
Area residents react to President Trump's immigration policy

Amanda Gregg-Aiu, a 41-year-old Mansfield mom, woke up Wednesday morning to the sound of her 4-year-old son calling out for his father. She rushed into her son's bedroom to soothe him, reassuring him that his father, Gregg-Aiu's husband Imaikalani Aiu, was at work and would be back later.

The Sun Chronicle
Mansfield valedictorian, salutatorian are drawn to science

MANSFIELD - Both the valedictorian and salutatorian of the Mansfield High School Class of 2018 consider themselves 'math and science people.' Valedictorian Ananya Sahu, 17, and salutatorian Nick Hyland, 18, have spent their four years at MHS focusing on STEM oriented classes and activities.

The Sun Chronicle
Their most memorable concerts

This summer, thousands of excited fans will pack into the Xfinity Center in Mansfield or climb high into the stadium seats at Gillette in Foxboro in hopes of experiencing great music and eye-popping stage shows and performances that foster unforgettable memories.

The Sun Chronicle
Young Attleboro woman becoms a "sister mom"

ATTLEBORO -- Sarah Randall always knew she wanted kids. But as a 21-year-old student at Bristol Community College, Randall assumed they'd be a long time coming for her and her boyfriend, David Palomo. But all it took was one phone call back in 2015, and everything changed.

The Sun Chronicle
Bristol County Savings Bank doles out non-profit grants

TAUNTON - When E. Dennis Kelly, the former president of Bristol County Savings Bank helped start the Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation back in 1996, his goal was to give back to nonprofits working to better the community.

The Sun Chronicle
New report emphasizes importance of exercise

Seven years ago, Marina Guardado went in for a routine physical where she got some bad news. "My doctor told me that my cholesterol was 211," she said. "He said because it was over 200 that I had to go on medication."

The Sun Chronicle
Classroom heroes: Teachers work to connect students with material

Tobey Reed never thought he would end up teaching. Neither did Meredith Silva or Darbie Sawyer. Mary Katherine Runey and Christine Yeomans went to school for business. Others started off wanting to be artists, actresses, coaches or writers. But, somewhere along the way, they all stumbled into the ever-changing world of textbooks and whiteboards, report cards and parent-teacher conferences.

The Seattle Times
Massachusetts high schools look to engage with social media

MANSFIELD, Mass. (AP) - Peter Lally, an 18-year-old Mansfield High student, reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his cellphone. As president of his school's chapter of the National Honor Society, vice president of the class of 2018 and...

The Sun Chronicle
Local women react to Trump's breastfeeding comments

When Michelle Lynn Goddard gave birth to her first son, Brady, she breastfed him for six months. For Goddard, the bonding experience for her and her infant was too important to pass up. So important, in fact, that she delayed chemotherapy for her chronic lymphocytic leukemia for six months after Brady was born.

The Sun Chronicle
'Afghans' installed in North Attleboro police station lobby

NORTH ATTLEBORO - When North Attleboro native Geoff Gaunt first heard that someone was looking for a company to install the 10-by-8-foot Alexandre Iacovleff masterpiece "Afghans," he jumped at the opportunity. "I can't think of another company with more experience than us in this area," said Gaunt, owner of Providence Picture Frame & Dryden Gallery.

The Sun Chronicle
Local servers mostly applaud internet-sensation waitress who body-slammed customer

Jen Fitzpatrick, a 38-year-old North Attleboro resident, has been waitressing for 15 years. When she came across the viral surveillance footage of a fellow waitress from Georgia yanking a man by his shirt and throwing him to the ground after her touched her behind, Fitzpatrick couldn't help but feel happy.

The Sun Chronicle
Life's savings: People need to plan higher costs of living longer for healthy retirement, experts...

Running out of money towards the end of life is something older people have long been concerned about, but with life expectancy noticeably increasing, it's a concern that is becoming more acute for many. Mitch Zides, a financial planner at Constant Guidance Financial in North Attleboro, says that while completely running out of funds is rare, he has dealt with clients who face dwindling funds.

The Sun Chronicle
North Attleboro church installs 34th pastor since 1769

When Stephen Trimble was a teenager, the pastor at his church in Hyannis, where Trimble grew up, suggested to him that he might possess gifts that would make him an exceptional ordained minister. "I sort of put it on the back burner," Trimble, 56, said.

The Sun Chronicle
Mansfield resident to compete in Miss Massachusetts Pageant

MANSFIELD The 2018 Miss Massachusetts Pageant offers women more than just a chance to wear dazzling evening gowns while vying for a shiny tiara. For many, it's become a way to draw attention and make noise for social causes close to their hearts. No one understands this better than 25-year-old local resident Stephanie Masky.

The Sun Chronicle
Attleboro business wins award in tow-truck beauty contest

ATTLEBORO -- Tow trucks. They're dirty, rusty, grimy; all around not the most glamorous vehicles. Right? Wrong. Sterry Street Towing in Attleboro was recently honored with an award in the Shine 'n Star Tow Truck Photo Beauty Contest, which is held each year by "Tow Times."

The Sun Chronicle
Plainville honors veterans with their stories throughout November on social media

PLAINVILLE - Thirty stories, 30 days. The Plainville Historical Commission has embarked on a mission this month to honor and remember the lives of veterans through a social media tribute lasting all through November. Each day, the commission posts about the life and service of a veteran with a connection to Plainville.

The Sun Chronicle
Attleboro-area residents react to Las Vegas shooting

"My sister lives in Las Vegas. I just got off the phone with her, thank god she's OK, but I had a very stressful morning. It was horrible. She said it was awful, there was blood everywhere. We're just happy she's OK. Every time you go someplace now you wonder.

The Sun Chronicle
Norton couple raising money to build Attleboro memorial playground

ATTLEBORO - "She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten. Always let your sparkle shine." Those are the words that parents Alicia and Larry Ouellette want the community to keep in mind on Sunday, Oct. 22, when they host the first fundraiser for the building of a memorial playground in Attleboro in remembrance of their daughter, Ariella Marie.

Emerson College Summer Program Entry Essay
Ideal Government

Idea government works for the people.

The Sun Chronicle
Many put off end-of-life decisions

Long-term illness and medical care are not exactly the topics Attleboro residents wanted to think about on a sunny Friday afternoon in the park. However, a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that it isn't just sunny afternoons that are deterring people from having these important conversations.

The Sun Chronicle
Racist graffiti at middle school under investigation

MANSFIELD - Racist and anti-semitic graffiti found in a bathroom at Qualters Middle School left parents stunned and concerned that the discriminatory language found its way into Mansfield schools. School Principal Suzanne Ryan informed parents of an investigation into the graffiti, found in school bathrooms Friday, and additional vandalism found Monday, in a letter to the school community Monday calling the writing "hateful and racist."

The Sun Chronicle
POW encampment held on Foxboro Common

FOXBORO - Starting on Friday, and ending 24 hours later on Saturday evening, drivers circling the Common were greeted by rows and rows of American flags. These flags were put in place in remembrance of both American prisoners of war, as well as service members declared missing in action.

The Sun Chronicle
Boys can read, too, Plainville panel says

PLAINVILLE - Books with the titles like "The Stinky Cheese Man," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," and "Captain Underpants" might have once made educators and parents cringe. Now, these fun and creative stories are being used to fix a problem that has been going on for decades: young boys don't read as much as girls do.

The Sun Chronicle
Local librarians not ready to give up on Dr. Seuss quite yet

When people used to discuss the beloved children's author Dr. Seuss, they would talk about the playful rhymes and whimsical images that made up his collection of best-selling children's books. Now, they're discussing prejudice. Last month in Cambridge, elementary school librarian Liz Phipps Soiero posted an open letter online that rejected a donation of 10 Dr. Seuss books from first lady Melania Trump.

The Sun Chronicle
'Women on the Rise' takes to Norton for team-building exercise

'Women on the Rise' isn't just the name of the organization in Attleboro working to empower young girls to make smart decisions about their futures. It also describes what 12 girls were literally doing this Thursday when, as a part of a teambuilding exercise, they were hoisted nearly 40 feet in the air by their teammates.

The Sun Chronicle
Mansfield Firefighters deployed to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

MANSFIELD - Gerald McNamara and Dr. Mike Valkanas, are no strangers to saving lives. McNamara, a Mansfeld firefighter, and Valkanas, an emergency room physician and former member of the department, have witnessed their share of devastation, too.

The Sun Chronicle
Hundreds gather in Plainville to fight scourge of addiction

PLAINVILLE - Over the weekend, hundreds gathered at Town Park in the beautiful September weather to eat homemade desserts, mingle with friends, and most importantly, talk about addiction. The Saturday night gathering, called Lights of Hope, was organized by The Addict's Mom, an online group working to raise awareness and offer support to families dealing with a loved one suffering from addiction.

The Sun Chronicle
Attleboro boxer doing her part to fight cancer

ATTLEBORO Deja Cairns isn't usually the one to throw the first punch. But next month that's the name of the game when she joins 32 women in a brawl against cancer - literally. The Attleboro resident will be competing next month in the "Belles of the Brawl" boxing event at The House of Blues in Boston.

The Sun Chronicle
Area students take stage with Roger Waters at TD Garden

Abby Dawson and Matt Arenburg are used to performing in front of a crowd. They are both musicians at the School of Rock in Seekonk, and they often play shows in front of audiences of more than 100 people. But 100 people is nothing compared to the crowd of more than 11,000 they went in front of on Oct.

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I can’t pinpoint when I first developed anorexia.

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The Most Important Thing to Me

The pale white, squishy block of fermented soy protein that wiggles like jello when you poke it.

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Here’s the thing; I spend a lot of my life waiting for the right time to do something.

The Sun Chronicle
'Coffee with a Cop' event to be held in Seekonk

SEEKONK - This Wednesday, the Seekonk Police Department will join surrounding towns in holding a 'Coffee with a Cop' event. Members of the Seekonk community can swing by Country Kitchen starting at 9:30a.m. to grab a coffee, and chat with some of their town's officers.

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