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Audrey Martin


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Audrey Martin
Boston Journalist
Boston University, College of Communication 2022

Dunkin' to drop it's 'Donuts': Rebranding raises controversy among regulars

Early on a drizzly Tuesday morning, Boston residents filtered in and out of the Dunkin' Donuts in Kenmore Square with their hoods up and coffee in hand. Some just popped in to grab their morning dark roast, while others took a seat inside to catch up with friends and enjoy that freshly-brewed coffee scent.

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Local women react to Trump's breastfeeding comments

When Michelle Lynn Goddard gave birth to her first son, Brady, she breastfed him for six months. For Goddard, the bonding experience for her and her infant was too important to pass up. So important, in fact, that she delayed chemotherapy for her chronic lymphocytic leukemia for six months after Brady was born.

The Sun Chronicle
North Attleboro church installs 34th pastor since 1769

When Stephen Trimble was a teenager, the pastor at his church in Hyannis, where Trimble grew up, suggested to him that he might possess gifts that would make him an exceptional ordained minister. "I sort of put it on the back burner," Trimble, 56, said.

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Life's savings: People need to plan higher costs of living longer for healthy retirement, experts...

Running out of money towards the end of life is something older people have long been concerned about, but with life expectancy noticeably increasing, it's a concern that is becoming more acute for many. Mitch Zides, a financial planner at Constant Guidance Financial in North Attleboro, says that while completely running out of funds is rare, he has dealt with clients who face dwindling funds.

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Local servers mostly applaud internet-sensation waitress who body-slammed customer

Jen Fitzpatrick, a 38-year-old North Attleboro resident, has been waitressing for 15 years. When she came across the viral surveillance footage of a fellow waitress from Georgia yanking a man by his shirt and throwing him to the ground after her touched her behind, Fitzpatrick couldn't help but feel happy.

The Sun Chronicle
'Afghans' installed in North Attleboro police station lobby

NORTH ATTLEBORO - When North Attleboro native Geoff Gaunt first heard that someone was looking for a company to install the 10-by-8-foot Alexandre Iacovleff masterpiece "Afghans," he jumped at the opportunity. "I can't think of another company with more experience than us in this area," said Gaunt, owner of Providence Picture Frame & Dryden Gallery.

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