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Audrey Martin


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Audrey Martin
Boston Journalist
Boston University, College of Communication 2022

The Sun Chronicle
Vehicles line up at Attleboro area car washes after first snowfall

Suds spurted over tires and water flowed over windshields at the Triple Play Car Wash and Quick Lube in Attleboro on Wednesday as a seemingly endless line of cars rolled inside. After last week's snowfall, everyone seemed eager to get the winter grime, mostly made of up road salt and mud, off their cars.

The Sun Chronicle
10 ways to spend New Year's Eve, in Attleboro area and beyond

With so much focus on the Time Square New Year's Eve celebration in New York, it's sometimes easy to forget all of the fun local events available to help kick off 2018 on a high note. But they're out there in abundance, and below you'll find 10 we picked for your consideration.

The Sun Chronicle
Canton couple has first baby of the year at Sturdy

ATTLEBORO Cheryl Mullaley and Tony Derenthal welcomed their son Armand on New Year's Day at Sturdy Memorial Hospital, making them winners of The Sun Chronicle's new baby of the year contest of 2018. Mullaley and Derenthal were, despite being a little overtired, happy to be spending some extra time with their new son.

The Sun Chronicle
Chaminade Opera Group keeps tradition alive in Norton

NORTON Opera, a musical genre usually associated with ornate theater houses and extravagant music halls, is something not many have the pleasure of experiencing firsthand. The Chaminade Opera Group, however, has been bringing it to the area for nearly 60 years.

The Sun Chronicle
A dog's life in the cold

The Wrentham Dog Park is just a plot of land. But for Jennifer Savickis and her mixed-breed rescue, it's a lifesaver. "I am so grateful for this park," the 49-year-old Wrentham resident said. "You can't replicate the exercise from dogs running around with other dogs."

The Sun Chronicle
Mansfield resident saves elderly woman

MANSFIELD - John Martin Sweeney was sitting at his desk last Thursday when he noticed something strange outside his window. "It was during the height of the storm," Sweeney said. "I was looking out the window when I saw this lady outside cleaning her car off."

The Sun Chronicle
Norfolk Animal Control Officer saves life with first non-canine CPR attempt

NORFOLK Town Animal Control Officer Hilary Cohen was entertaining a friend recently when he suffered a heart attack. The good thing is, she knew CPR. The bad thing? She had only performed it on dogs. Still, Cohen forged ahead and, despite her trepidation and apparently breaking her friend's rib in the process, he is around today to tell the tale.

The Sun Chronicle
Marching for rights in Mansfield

MANSFIELD - On the one-year anniversary of the historic Women's March, it wasn't just Boston and Providence gathering again to show their resistance to injustice and hate. Mansfield held its very own march on Saturday to show its support for causes such as women's rights and immigration justice.

The Sun Chronicle
Now on sale: Anything Patriots

There are only 13 shopping days until the Super Bowl and Patriots fans lost no time Monday in stocking up on their team's merchandise Just as Tom Brady and his teammates are gearing up for the big day Feb.

The Sun Chronicle
DA's office has a lesson for parents on where children may be hiding drugs

ATTLEBORO - Placed on the table of a teen bedroom display sits a can of Arizona Iced Tea. Except, it's not actually filled with tea. Though it may look like, and feel as heavy as the real product, it is actually a fake version that can be used by teens to hide substances from their parents.

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