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Jessica Henderson

Writer, Blogger, Student

Location icon United States of America

Writer, Editorial Director and President for Spoon University; Blogger and Creator of Small Book of Plans; Junior Communications Major at Pace University


Published Writing

Spoon University
What Is Quark? What to Know About This Popular German Food

What is quark? I constantly asked my Oma this when I was younger, and I've tried repeatedly to explain what quark is to my American friends. It wasn't easy for my Oma to explain it at the time, and it sure wasn't easy for me to explain it further to my friends.

Spoon University
10 of the Most Insane Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Growing up, having frozen yogurt for dessert was rare. It was hard to find and when you finally did, the flavors were limited to vanilla, chocolate, or a combination of the two. It wasn't until around 2013 when frozen yogurt stores began popping up in every corner that I began to appreciate the delicately, soft treat for its variety of flavors and toppings.


Flyer/Social Media
Fall Food Festival

Event flyer and social media ad for an event held by Spoon University

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