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I’m a second-year Santa Rosa Junior College student and since 2018, I’ve been a staff writer/editor at the college’s student-operated publication The Oak Leaf. To me, being a journalist provides a unique opportunity to humanize folx behind statistics and inspire readers to take action.

Although my earlier articles focused on honing my voice as a music critic and reviewing lesser-known artists, I discovered a passion for covering social justice issues and utilizing my voice to shine a light on the problems of the unheard.

Moving forward, I want to focus on transforming abstract systematic problems in society like the intersection of issues around the prison industrial complex and higher education, and make them concrete through the experiences of marginalized community members.

The Oak Leaf
Carceral state the prison industrial complex wasn't the solution for my mom

The first time my mom was incarcerated - for vandalizing public property - I counted the approximately 730 days until she'd get out. Every weekend I got used to the dehumanizing routine. I checked my pockets for contraband, made sure my clothes followed the dress code, walked into the crowded waiting room, lined up and...

The Oak Leaf
Fighting Words: Musicians respond to white nationalism in Trump's America.

When Janelle Monae sings "Just love me baby, love me for who I am" in her song "Americans," she's not asking for the romantic love of any single partner. Instead, Monae is begging for the respect of her fellow man or, more specifically, white men who identify as white nationalists.

The Oak Leaf
The Oak Leaf Climate Week Coverage

Coverage of Santa Rosa Junior College students' participation in the 2019 Global Climate Strike, taking place September 20-27.

The Oak Leaf
SRJC campus somber as fire rages in nearby Geyserville

As the Kincade fire rages in Geyserville, Santa Rosa Junior College students fear for their community yet again. "You can feel the vibe switch instantly," said Joseph Astobiza. "Everyone goes right into flashback mode, even though the fire isn't even in [Santa] Rosa." SRJC's campus is quieter than normal.

The Oak Leaf
JPEGMAFIA brings "All My Heroes Are Cornballs" to Oakland

It goes without saying that the world of live shows, especially among contemporary rap artists, has become all too lifeless and overrated, with artists just lip-syncing over the instrumentals and vocals on their records. However, Baltimore's experimental artist JPEGMAFIA's performances prove rappers can still deliver an electrifying and authentic concert experience.

The Oak Leaf
When people say "Reform is the answer"

All I see are police officers taking away my mom Each time she emerged from your prisons Each time worse than the last All I see is the violence of "correctional" officers against her when she needed the most support. The violence she felt from officers thinking she was unfit to live in the...

The Oak Leaf
"Parasite": an outstanding depiction of class struggle

Although director Boon Joon-Ho isn't a household name in the United States, his latest film "Parasite" is praised internationally by moviegoers for its masterful portrayal of socioeconomic inequality and classism through gorgeous cinematography and compelling acting. Joon-Ho established himself as a South Korean director by creating masterfully crafted movies such as the renowned thriller "Snowpiercer"...

The Oak Leaf
Gotham City's beautiful dark twisted fantasy

Out of all the portrayals of Batman's villain in the last 50 years, Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the Joker is the best yet; it's heartbreaking, bittersweet and sad, but in the best way possible. Director Todd Phillips mentioned how this film was inspired by others such as "Taxi Driver," "The King of Comedy" and "A...

The Oak Leaf
How sleep deprivation impacts SRJC students

Life as a Santa Rosa Junior College student lends itself to sleepless nights. Lacking enough time to fulfill daily obligations at school and work can leave you feeling like you have no other option but to sacrifice your rest. According to a 2019 Washington Post article, sleep researchers at Harvard Medical School and UC Berkeley...