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Jill Connelly

Jill Connelly Photography

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Documentary photographer, community college professor

The Globe and Mail
Inside Martyn Lawrence Bullard's 'gentlemanly luxe' dressing room

Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Whitley Heights home is a throwback to the early days of Hollywood. Built in 1922 by Hobart Whitley, a developer known as the Father of Hollywood, the Mediterranean villa was once home to not one, but two great silver screen legends, Rudolph Valentino then Gloria Swanson.

Telegraph Magazine
Somebody's Son

In this extract from her book Ghettoside,Jill Leovy examines the work of one homicide detective, John Skaggs, on a relentless campaign to deliver justice for all.

Surgeon Accused of Speeding a Death to Get Organs

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - On a winter night in 2006, a disabled and brain damaged man named Ruben Navarro was wheeled into an operating room at a hospital here. By most accounts, Mr. Navarro, 25, was near death, and doctors hoped that he might sustain other lives by donating his kidneys and liver.

Candid Talk for Women (Men Allowed, Too)

WHEN it comes to cars, women have their game faces on, thanks to a great equalizer, the Internet. They are tuning in to Web sites like Edmunds.com/women, Roadandtravel.com, AskPatty.com and Motherproof.com for advice, consumer reviews and a little humor. With virtual clipboards in hand, women say, they can shop without being humiliated by insensitive salesmen.

L.A. Story: Shaq Is the Talk of the Town

L.A. Story: Shaq Is the Talk of the Town Related Articles The New York Times on the Web Sports Expanded Coverage of Pro Basketball Knicks Aim to Get a Jump on the Raptors Defamation Suit Is Filed by Carter Against Camby Sports of The Times: Again This Spring, the Knicks Are Impinging on Baseball's Time Sports of The Times: The Future May Not Be Now for the Made-for-Television Raptors Elite Pairing in Finals Is Wanted, Not Plotted Forum Join a Discussion on Basketball "That's not him."

Donald Morton dies at 79; renowned cancer surgeon and researcher

Certain types of cancer, particularly melanoma and breast cancer , metastasize by shedding malignant cells into the body's lymph system, where they travel to nearby lymph nodes and form new colonies. From there, the cells can spread to other organs, ultimately involving large areas of the body.

Pint-sized fashion plates: Why today's toddlers are cooler than you

Most fashion-conscious adults have suffered from wardrobe envy, whether it takes place on the street or while flipping through the pages of a magazine. Lately, though, those targets of sartorial longing are as likely to be found on a see-saw as the runway.

Building the Future, Children and Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Unicef brochure

Demoncratic Republic of Congo

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