Jesus Torres

Fashion editor and runway critic of Other interests include breaking trends and technology in the fashion industry.

Mobile Tailoring and 3-D Body Scans, the Future of Men's Fashion

From the slim wool blazers that fit the Mad Men gentlemen like a glove, to the hem of Nate Reuss' trousers being so high, it looks as though he's always in immediate danger of a flash flood. It's obvious that men are going to great lengths to express their style through the tailoring of their suits.

Haute Tech Brings Science Fiction into Fashion

Is there any room for fashion in technology and can technology be fashionable? Thanks to movies such as "Revenge of the Nerds," a certain stigma is attached to the word technology that instantly evokes an image of flooded trousers, pocket protectors and intense glasses frames.

Fashion Focus 2012: Anna Fong Runway Steals Hearts

The cocktail hour may have lasted two hours, but Anna Fong's runway show, "Queen of Hearts," at the Radisson Blu hotel, Sunday, Oct. 21, was the sweetest 30-minute ending to Fashion Focus Chicago.

Next Fashion Goes to the Dogs

Fashion went to the dogs, or at least benefitted dogs and pets in general at this show. The choruses of barking and cooing from attendees, a few of them dogs - or should I say models - erupting at Tuesday's Next Fashion Chicago show wasn't the only thing that added a touch of crudeness to the elegant Germania Place ballroom.

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