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Nearly 1,000 volunteers turn out for Knights Give Back

UCF's CFE Arena was overrun by "Change Agents" on Saturday when students, faculty and alumni joined forces to make a difference in the community through Volunteer UCF's eighth annual Knights Give Back event. The event featured 24 service sites with projects aimed at making a positive impact on the people, places and things that makeup the UCF community.

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LGBTQ+community at UCF celebrates with Knight Pride 2013

"Queer rights forever! Discrimination never!" could be heard echoing through the John T. Washington Center on Wednesday as members and friends of the LGBTQ+ community marched for UCF's first Pride Parade: Knight Pride 2013.

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For the Kicks raises more than $1,000 for Knight-thon

JP Lugo just couldn't sit still as he waited to roll out the first pitch at For the Kicks, a charitable kickball tournament held at UCF's Softball Complex on Saturday. "I'm JP; I'm the pitcher," the excited 6-year old said as he ran, jumped and bounced on home plate. "I'm gonna kick the ball hard," he said.

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Healthy Knights Expo attracts 1,227 students

Within minutes of opening, a line was winding through the Pegasus Ballroom, spilling into the hallway and stretching to the Student Union Atrium as floods of students came for UCF Health Services' free flu shots on Wednesday.

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Homecoming 2012 theme revealed

A crowd gathered in the atrium of UCF's Student Union this afternoon and waited for the reveal of the Homecoming 2012 theme. The staff of the Office of Student Involvement was ready with free giveaways, music and a theme: Our Days As Knights.

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Knights Give Back comes to UCF campus

photo courtesy of Volunteer UCF. This Saturday, Volunteer UCF will bring hundreds of UCF students, faculty and alumni together to give back to their community through Knights Give Back. Every year, Knights Give Back strives to expand their impact through increased attendance. This year's event will feature 24 different service sites throughout the Orlando community, four more than last year.

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Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Delta Theta host For the Kicks

The Greeks are taking it back to the playground days as For the Kicks, a charity kickball tournament, takes over the UCF Softball Complex this Saturday. The field will be transformed to accommodate 12 teams as they battle it out in a single-elimination tournament bracket to become FTK 2013 champions, all in the name of charity.

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Students set sail with International program

photo courtesy of Lauren Judge. From the beaches of Havana to the streets of Dublin, Semester at Sea has been making students' dreams of international travel a reality for the past 50 years, and UCF students have been reaping the benefits.

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National Hall of Fame accepts pioneers in simulation

The National Center for Simulation recently inducted the first Hall of Fame class for its contributions to the field of modeling and simulation, and half of them have strong UCF ties.

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UCF ranks No. 5 on Kaplan list of law school hopefuls

UCF ranks as the fifth largest source of law school applicants in the country, according to a Kaplan Test Prep law school admissions survey. Last year, 662 UCF students applied to law schools with hopes of careers in the legal field, and with one of the largest legal studies programs in the country, some might say it was only a matter of time before UCF was ranked.

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Expert provides tips on surviving student loans

On Aug. 2, President Barack Obama signed the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013, amending the Higher Education Act and lowering student loan interest rates that had skyrocketed to 6.8 percent on July 1.

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Duke Energy lights a path for female engineers

Learning how to fix computers in high school was just the beginning for Stacey Stewart. When she got to college, she knew she wanted more. She is currently a sophomore electrical engineering and computer science major at Valencia and one of the 12 recipients of a scholarship for women in engineering. She plans on transferring to UCF next summer.

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Cellphone plans stretch student dollars

On Friday, Sprint began offering what it claims to be the newest innovation in wireless carrier commitments - the Spring Unlimited Guarantee. The guarantee comes with Sprint' two new rate plans, the Unlimited, My Way plan and the My All-in plan.

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RWC Outdoor Adventure takes students to new heights

photo courtesy of RWC. Housed within UCF's Recreation and Wellness Center lies a hidden gem: the Outdoor Adventure Center. With a variety of services to bring students and nature together, Outdoor Adventure offers a unique opportunity to explore the outdoors on Adventure Trips while promoting community building through social interaction amount students.

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Beaches provide outdoor opportunities

If you're feeling like a fish out of water this summer, it's time to grab your friends, slap on your sunblock and head to the beach. Luckily, UCF is within an hour-drive of many aquatic destinations, whether you're looking for a beach party or a day of relaxation, each has its own attractions.

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Honor Flight embodies purpose of Memorial Day

The Memorial Day holiday brings about many things. Thoughts of weekend plans and time with family and friends abound, but many forget why the day became a national holiday.

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Renters may be protected after theft

Many students don't know the value of renters insurance. Imagine coming home to find you apartment has been burglarized. Your TV, laptop, even your mattress - all gone. The police come and investigate, but it's chalked up as another unsolved burglary in an student apartment.

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Pizza lovers cherish Mad Hatters

"Uncommon Pizza, Pasta, Salad, and Sandwiches" is the slogan for Madd Hatters restaurant and pizzeria, one of "Oviedo's best-kept secrets" according to long-time Orlando resident and patron Roger Serrano.

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