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Student Journalist

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I am one of the two content editors on the staff of the Epic, Lynbrook High School's award-winning newspaper. Check out my official blog for more!

The Epic
Swim season ends with a splash

Pushing onward stroke by stroke, kick by kick, through the clear blue water, Lynbrook swimming and diving is right on the heels of celebrating a victorious season. Though the team has yet to compete in league championships, the team has managed to swim undefeated in all league matches.

The Epic
FUHSD modifies College Now program

Faced with decreased interest and declining enrollment in their program, the College Now program board decided to adapt. At the beginning of second semester, FUHSD presented juniors with a certain amount of course credits of opportunity to attend a modified version of the College Now program in their senior year.

The Epic
This Is Me:

Religion, upbringing, our interests and the people around us. There is a diverse range of factors that make up our identity, or who we are. As we grow and mature, from our childhood to teenage years to adulthood, we gradually realize and embrace our identity, discovering and developing new interests and qualities.

The Epic
Viking wrestling team pins down all-season wins

The referee blows the whistle, and the match is on. Senior Kennedy Miedema faces her competitor with grit and determination, wholly set on pinning the opponent down in a game-winning move. For the time being, however, she must rely on the sport's point system to win the match: two points for a takedown or reversal,...

The Epic
Local community honors Veterans

To commemorate the first anniversary of the end of World War I on Nov. 11, 1919, "Armistice" Day, now known as Veterans Day, was born. Below is a look at some of the local celebrations honoring those who have bravely served for our country, as well as some of their eye-opening experiences in the military....

The Epic
The potentials of facial recognition

Holding the newly introduced iPhone X up to his face, Apple CEO Tim Cook lightly taps the phone screen. In a matter of milliseconds, the phone's complex camera system projects over thirty thousand invisible infrared dots to identify the unique mathematical model of his face. The phone determines Cook's face as a match to its...

The Epic
Origins and effects of diverse moral codes

At any given moment, someone may be cheating on a test and feeling guilt for their actions. At the same time, a soldier may be suffering from the psychological repercussions of committing atrocious acts of violence. Then there are those who are hailed as heroes for their bravery and courage in standing up for what...

The Epic
Spiritual influence in the modern world

Whether it develops an individual's core values or initiates wars, religion has always had an enduring influence on people's lives. In today's society, religion represents hope and guidance for some and an expression of antiquated beliefs for others. It offers a sense of community but also potentially propagates hateful comments against outsiders.