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I create stories that entice audiences to act. My words give life to a photograph, add laughter to a promotion, and develop lasting memories. As a Towson Univerisity graduate with over a decade of marketing and communications experience, I am Jessica Cheney and I am here to help your brand succeed.

Business Solutions

Landing page for media campaign targeting a B2B audience.

4 Ways to DIY a Better Planet

We ask a lot of our planet and we only get the one, so we should make sure we treat it right. Luckily, there are some simple DIY projects even novice DIYers can take on that will make a big difference in any community.

How to DIY Your Wedding

Weddings are a billion-dollar industry. Billion. With a B. If you’re planning for your big day, but don’t have a big budget, consider some DIY wedding ideas. These creative DIY wedding ideas will ensure that your wedding will stand out in a big way. Wedding planning can be a hectic and crazy time, but you and your partner can have fun together creating DIY wedding decorations.

Ott House Audio

Copy and blog articles were written for audio engineering boutique OttHouse Audio.

The virtual classroom

It's that time of year again. Summer is over, and children are packing their book bags and boarding the bus to go back to school. If this time has you thinking about continuing your own education, you're in good company. Over half a million seniors are enrolled in traditional universities, while many more participate in non-credit adult education courses.

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