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In 2014, I moved to Istanbul, Turkey to pursue a career in journalism as an editor at a globally syndicated hydrocarbons magazine. I possess hard-won editing experience working at a boutique publication in Istanbul during the 2016 coupe and the Gezi Park protests. As an editor and journalist, I have worked across the spectrum of modern-day journalism from online to print, social media, long-form article generation and business intelligence.



Argus Coal Daily
Q&A: Carbon capture needs long-term funding

Mark Northam is the executive director of the School of Energy Resources (SER) at the University of Wyoming. Established in 2006, SER conducts a variety of energy-related research, including into carbon capture utilization and sequestration technologies (CCUS). In this interview, edited for length and clarity, Northam discusses why CCUS technology development is necessary for addressing climate change.

Argus Coal Daily
Q&A: Trade war effects on coal uncertain

Subhes Bhattacharyya is a professor of energy economics and policy at De Montfort University’s School of Engineering and Sustainable Development. In this interview, edited for length and clarity, Bhattacharyya discusses the policies affecting the rise in demand for US coal and the possible ramifications of US tariffs on the domestic and international markets.

Argus Coal Daily
Q&A: The economics of coal ash recycling

Jimmy Knowles is the vice president of government and en- vironmental relations for the Southeastern Fly Ash Company, a coal ash recycler based in South Carolina. In this interview, edited for length and clarity, Knowles discusses the economics of processing fly ash for beneficial use and the complications presented by the current regulatory environment.

Argus Coal Daily
Q&A: Puerto Rico may not need coal power

2018–Interview with Ruth Santiago who discusses the island nation’s lack of adequate coal ash disposal methods and energy policies that Puerto Rico could implement to manage power demand in the wake of Hurricane Maria.


Argus Coal Daily
Board deals blow to Navajo plant purchase plan

US power generator Middle River Power has stepped forward as a potential buyer for the endangered coal-fired Navajo Gen- erating Station (NGS). But a decision by the power plant’s largest customer to seek electricity from other generators has dealt a severe blow to Middle River’s plans.

Argus Coal Daily
EPA advances waters of the Us revisions

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said today it will move forward with plans to roll back the 2015 Waters of the US (WOTUS) rule. EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers today submitted plans for the second step of its process to revoke and rewrite the rule to the White House’s Office of Management and Bud- get (OMB) for review.

Argus Coal Daily
Dueling lawsuits buffet EPA over Waters of US rule

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is facing mul- tiple challenges to the 2015 Waters of the US (WOTUS) rule from environmentalists who want broader protections and an end to delayed implementation, as well as from industry groups opposing the rule.

Argus Coal Daily
Democrats to decline fossil fuel PAC donations

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is eschewing as- sociation with oil, gas and coal companies. The DNC executive committee voted unanimously on 9 June to refuse contributions from political action committees (PACs) tied to fossil fuel industries.

The Oil & Gas Year
South Dakota leak shuts down Keystone

e Keystone pipeline has been shut down after about 5,000 barrels of crude spilled on Thursday, international media reported on Friday.

The Oil & Gas Year
Oil price crashes amid global unrest

The price of Brent crude fell to USD 27.67 per barrel, the lowest trading price in more than a decade, before recovering at 28.86 on Sunday. The most recent crude oil market crash follows the lifting of sanctions against Iran, allowing the entrance of Iranian petroleum into the global hydrocarbons market.

The Oil & Gas Year
Indonesia Stakes South China Sea Claim

Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the army on Thursday to guard upstream facilities using military personnel. The move follows the Southeast Asian country’s renaming of a portion of South China Sea earlier in the week.

The Oil & Gas Year
BPTT's Juniper Project Begins Production

he Juniper project offshore Trinidad and Tobago has begun production, BP announced Monday. The USD 2-billion Juniper project is expected to have a production capacity of 16.7 mcm (590 mcf) per day of gas, which will be sent to the Mahogany B hub through a 10-kilometre flowline.


The Oil & Gas Year
Flare Gas Recovery Project

The recovery and utilisation of hydrocarbons waste will serve to reduce emissions. The Flare Gas Recovery Projects are considered part of KN PC's most important developments.

The Oil & Gas Year
OIl spill spells trouble for Trinidad and Tobago

On April 23, 2017, Tank 70 at Petrotrin’s Pointe-à-Pierre refinery ruptured, spilling bunker fuel into Trinidad and Tobago’s Guaracara River, which feeds into the Gulf of Paria.

The Oil & Gas Year
Fresh function for Block 1a

With first gas from the block’s Iguana field expected in 2018, a great deal of anticipation surrounds the asset’s potential to help alleviate pressure on the country’s downstream sector.

The Oil & Gas Year
Juggernaut BPTT Picks Up

Having entered Trinidad and Tobago in 1961, BPTT, a joint venture between BP (70%) and Spanish firm Repsol (30%), is the country’s largest natural gas producer, representing around 60% of total domestic gas output.

The Oil & Gas Year
Possibility and Promise

In 2010, Gabon banned gas flaring. The move reinforced the country's commitment to the World Bank's global initiative to end gas flaring by 2030. Gabon was joined it its commitment by both nations and companies, such as France, Angola, Shell and Total.

The Oil & Gas Year
A New Era of Trade

China’s hydrocarbons industry has been undergoing efforts to deepen regional integration as the country strives to secure energy supplies for its growing economy and expand its role on the international stage. Now under the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, the oil and gas industry - and China itself - is getting ready to assume the next level of leadership.

The Oil & Gas Year
One Belt One Road

The Silk Road Economic Belt focuses on connecting China to Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean.

The Oil & Gas Year
Backbone of a Nation

Gabon has committed to the development of the Gabon National Backbone, a fiber-optics cable stretching the breadth of the country. Enhancing the country's communications infrastructure will be a boon to its offshore hydrocarbons market and help in reaching emerging-country status.

The Oil & Gas Year
Power to the Future

Kuwait’s electricity generation infrastructure is strained and struggling to keep up with demand, already large and growing.

The Oil & Gas Year
A Flare for Gas

World Bank figures show that flared gas could generate around 750 terawatt hours of electricity - enough to satisfy an entire year's worth of power generation for all of Africa, with capacity to spare.

The Oil & Gas Year
Struggle for the South China Sea

Global tensions continue to rise over disputed claims of sovereignty in the South China Sea, a region with significant proved and probable hydrocarbons reserves. While the region’s actors are making promising diplomatic efforts to calm tensions, the issues surrounding border disputes and hydrocarbons exploration in the region are of global concern.

The Oil & Gas Year
Seismic Sizeup in Gabon

TOGY talks to CGG’s regional geomarket director for sub-Saharan Africa, Alessandro Colla, about the economic viability of Gabon’s South Salt Basin and the complexities associated with acquiring seismic data in both onshore regions and offshore plays.


Proverb & Parable
What a Coup d'etat

And all of a sudden, we were sober and aware, watching the news, paying our tab and rushing out the door. It was July 15, and a faction inside of the Turkish Army had decided that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan might enjoy life better as a civilian.

Catfish Alley
Finding Home Again Southern Flair in the Ottoman Empire

Early morning on the Bosphorus is a picturesque tableau of rolling sapphire waves lapping at the sides of the ferries accented by dense fog. Every time I take the ferry, I am reminded of the Mighty Mississippi and how it kisses the mud red shores. Sunlight sparkles over the water and making the top of the Hagia Sophia and Topkapı Palace shine. There is a respect for history here that I find reminiscent of home.

We Dream of Better Things
Why I March - Comments from the field

The Presidential Inauguration that ushered Trump into office, was a sharp contrast to the January 20, Women’s March, that followed the day after. The main event, held in Washington, D.C., was joined by sister marches from around the globe stretching from Istanbul to San Francisco and beyond.


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