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Gender, Lifespan and Quality of Life: An International Perspective

This publication addresses the gender dimensions of people's lived experience and emphasizes how gender relationships differentially impact on women's and girls' as well as men's and boys' subjective well-being across the lifespan. It therefore fills a significant gap in the literature on quality of life and subjective well-being.

Music journalism

Drunk Mums

The musical embodiment of a 'zero fucks given' attitude, their songs and general demeanor make you want to quit your day job and devote the rest of your days to the pursuit of just being a baller. I mean, they give fucks - but about their music, and Victoria Bitter, and their fans, and their mates, and the venues that support them.


Talk to any­one with any appre­ci­a­tion of punk in the 80s and they'll ref­er­ence Descen­dents. Pio­neers of the pop-punk, skate-punk, melodic-hardcore, what­ever scene, the Descen­dents are more than likely the rea­son that your cur­rent favourite band are in exis­tence.

Father John Misty, Oh Mercy @The Hi-Fi, Melbourne(17/03/2013)

It was an evening full of drunken swagger, extreme hip thrust and solid crooning. And thigh-chafing zebra print man-tights. Arriving early for Melbourne smooth operators I was genuinely surprised to see the line of punters already extending up the stairs and out the door.


Alka­line Trio area a band who make no bones about hav­ing feel­ings - a brave feat when one con­sid­ers their back­ground in the Chicago punk/hardcore scene of the late 1990s along­side bands such as Rise Against and The Lawrence Arms. In fact, they pride them­selves on it.

Poison City Weekender @ John Curtin, Corner Hotel & Reverence Hotel

For a select portion of Melbourne's music scene, Poison City Weekender is the ultimate bro-fest, where those who used to frequent The Arthouse (and now its younger sister, The Reverence) congregate to slap each other on the back for flying the 'true' flag of punk high over the rest of our heads.

Boomgates @ Evelyn Rooftop,Melbourne (15/12/2012)

Despite the afternoon's proceedings being set back by over an hour and with the sun still high in the sky, Melbourne's mild-mannered masses climbed up some rickety back steps to what can only be described as a tiny bit of low rise paradise: The rooftop of enduring Fitzroy venue The Evelyn.


Men­tion the word 'metal' to a Gen Y-er like myself and 'Metal­lica' is prob­a­bly the first thing that springs to mind and maybe like, 'tita­nium' if they're a very lit­eral sort of per­son. Men­tion the word to any­one else, and they'll tell you about the band whose stu­dio floor Metal­lica once used as a crash pad.


Fireballs are flag-bearers for the glory days of Melbourne pub-rock. As the bandits of 'psychobilly' they've carved a niche for themselves that scratched the harsh veneer of thrash/metal/punk with a bit of friendly rockabilly.

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