Jessica Walton (née Snapper)

Writer | Content Strategist | Digital Communications Manager

Location icon United States

Hello there, I'm Jessica! I live in the D.C. area where I provide companies with quality written materials, marketing communications strategies and brand development, design and implementation of a wide range of creative marketing materials, website development, and digital marketing strategies to expand new business opportunities.

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Ignite Digital Blog
BLOGGING: Do You Know Your Brand Story?

I wrote this blog piece for the CEO of a digital marketing consulting firm serving non-profit clients, providing explanations of great brand stories along with images and video examples.

Washington Strategy Group
VIDEO SCRIPT: Washington Strategy Group Company Video

When the CEO of my company requested a company video, I got to work creating a full video script complete with scene locations, narration (background and direct-to-camera), on-screen text, video effects and other directions for the cameraman and video editor.

Washington Strategy Group
WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT/CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Washington Strategy Group Company Website

After developing the company website (Wordpress) and design, including editing graphics and designating brand colors, I created and managed all content on the website to communicate the company's mission, values, services, and more to clients. (*Note: the website is located at www.washingtonstrategygroup.com, but since I no longer run the site my sample is displayed as screenshots saved as a PDF at the time of employment.)

Israel Institute for Strategic Studies/UK Parliament
POLICY PAPER: The Strategic Importance of South Sudan

I was commissioned by a think tank to write a policy paper with a British Parliamentarian focused on the geostrategic and humanitarian implications of involvement with South Sudan.

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