Jessica Graham

Writer and Journalist

Location icon United States of America

I am a recent graduate of Jacksonville State University, where I studied the field of Digital Journalism. I learned many of the necessary skills required in a journalist, including the art of writing (accuracy, brevity, clarity) and the creation of online content.
In my free time, you will most likely find me reading (and subsequently becoming a better writer), writing freelance curriculum or blog posts, and playing piano with less than perfection but much passion.

Who You Should Know-Sandra Tapp

Mission FriendsĀ® leaders need patience, strength, and understanding in the classroom. Working with preschoolers can be a handful, although it never detracts from the joys of teaching children this age. It also takes these virtues to train leaders as they prepare to show preschoolers God's call to missions.

Collegiate Blog - Let Go and Love Him

Think of a time, dear readers, when you did something without a sense of shame. Did you dance around wildly (and maybe not gracefully) to your favorite song? Did you let out an unbridled laugh at a funny joke? Did you trip in front of a stranger and shrug off any embarrassment?

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