Jeremy Singer

Digital Producer, Reporter and Journalist

Location icon Canada

I'm a digital producer, reporter and journalist with over four years of experience creating compelling web content. Not to mention a degree in journalism from Ryerson University.

What does that actually mean? I perform on-camera. I produce web video segments. I write articles. And I handle social media.

I've tackled everything from being a video personality during the Toronto International Film Festival and reporting from Vienna, Austria, to leading the online video production for a reality show and controlling social media platforms during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I've successfully represented a variety of brands in enertainment and lifestyle; including Cineplex Entertainment, TDot TV, Chopped Canada, AskMen, Daily XY, Canada's Olympic Broadcast Consortium and more.

My goal has always been to engage the viewer, find the extraordinary angle and exceed the expectation. Want to work together? Give me a buzz using any of the contact info on the right hand side of the page!




Daily XY
Suit Advice From The Pros

Before you walk out of the interview with that new job, before you walk out of the party with her phone number, chances are, you're going to be suiting up. It's an invested ritual which can cue some of your sharpest moments.

Daily XY
Four Tips Towards your Ideal Bespoke Suit

Just like a hand made suit, the details inside Toronto's Garrison Bespoke beg you to explore. A James Bond encyclopedia on a bookshelf, Ryan Gosling's exact midnight blue Toronto International Film Festival tuxedo on a corner mannequin and a large black and white wall-framed photograph of old school Hollywood icons like Cary Grant and Fred Astaire.

Bradley Cooper's 'Hangover' Well Earned

Bradley Cooper gained two important things from shooting his upcoming hyped summer comedy flick The Hangover. The first being his now refined Yoda-like knowledge of throwing the perfect bachelor party- which he says should include condoms, a muppet, and lots of ice.

La Roux's Elly Jackson, The Music Industry's Dose Of Reality

Elly Jackson of La Roux sits way in the back of her tour bus. Quiet. Secluded. Curled up. On first glance, seemingly trying to shut out the blistering cold Toronto November day outside, and maybe even the world along with it. But can you blame her?

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