Jeremy Mann

How San Francisco's HIV/AIDS warriors paved the way for today's cannabis gold rush

Throughout the 1970s, Michael Koehn had occasionally smoked marijuana. But in 1985, after his partner, George Manierre, fell sick and Koehn was diagnosed with HIV, he began using it regularly for his health. "I went on a program of drugs and learned that (cannabis) would help my symptoms," he says 34 years later.

The Albums that Got Me Through 2018

Below are my Top 50 Albums of 2018. I tried to prioritize albums that I had really connected with this year, but a few of these are aspirational — recent finds that I hope to take with me into the New Year. Sometimes an album ranks highly because it is deeply sentimental and an album I have listened to compulsively, others place highly because the album is technically masterful and, while I’m not constantly drawn back to it, I am grateful for the experience which it gave me.

Lizzie McGuire and Environmental Absurdism

Every time I dwell on the unavoidable environmental collapse predicted to take place in our lifetimes, our children's lifetimes, or best case - in our grandchildren's lifetimes, I think about Lizzie McGuire. It is a bizarre association, but real nonetheless. In particular, I think about Episode 16 of Season 1, "Obsessions," in which Lizzie becomes an environmentalist.

Las Vegas, The Ahistoric City

Las Vegas is an ahistoric city. What is meant here by ahistoric? Every city in the United States has overwritten their true history with fake narratives of progress and reconciliation. In this sense, most cities in the United States are revisionist, or what I call anti-historical.