Jens Erik Gould

Editor in Chief of The Knife Media

Jens Erik Gould is editor in chief and co-developer of The Knife Media. He oversees a team of 20 writers and analysts who offer news without spin and rate media outlets for level of objectivity.

Previously, he was correspondent at Bloomberg News, covering Mexico’s economy and drug war. He has also reported for TIME Magazine from Los Angeles and from Caracas, Venezuela for The New York Times, National Public Radio and Platts. The beats Jens Gould has covered have ranged from politics to the economy, from sports to music. He has reported from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Vietnam, Honduras, the U.S. and other countries.

Originally from Los Angeles, Jens Erik Gould is also creator, producer and host of the documentary series Bravery Tapes, which tells stories of human struggle and courage. He graduated with Honors from the University of Michigan, has earned a Fulbright scholarship and has received two Pulitzer Center grants for reporting.

The Knife Media uses a proprietary process to strip the news of spin and offer readers the unaltered facts for any story. The company also uses its process to analyze other media outlets and teach readers about how they distort information, so people can be better informed and build their critical thinking muscles as they read the news.

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New York Times

Plan for South American Pipeline Has Ambitions Beyond Gas
And these days, he is dangling Venezuela's significant reserves as an incentive as he asks his neighbors for a long-term natural gas commitment.
Venezuela Conquers Caribbean and Eyes Its Classic Moment
Venezuelan players will have a chance to prove they are on par with the Dominicans when the two teams meet in the first round of the World Baseball Classic on Tuesday in...
With Oil's Cash, Venezuelans Consume
Michael Gavin, chief Latin American economist at UBS Warburg in Stamford, Conn., said, "They're hollowing out the economy and setting Venezuela up for a real setback if oil...
Chávez Proposals Would Make Finances Opaque
Opinion polls released in the last week have found Mr. Chávez's proposals tied or trailing the opposition position among likely voters, after months of polls showing it likely...
Venezuela banks profit under Chávez
Still, the banks may be thriving too much for the government's liking. Chávez warned last month that the state could take over the sector if it did not offer low-cost financing...
Where Cars Are King and Gasoline Costs a Mere 12 Cents a Gallon
Cars, then, are often the purchase of choice and, because of that, they do not depreciate here as they do in the United States and in Latin America's other big car markets....
Venezuela Disavows 1980s-Era Bonds
There are signs that Venezuela has taken the case seriously. Its chief lawyer in the case, Esther Bigott de Loaiza, has close ties to top government officials. But she was...
In Venezuela, petrodollars breed opacity
Chávez seeks to strip the central bank formally of its autonomy, giving him the power to dictate monetary policy and the spending of excess foreign reserves. Another measure...


The Failure of Plan Colombia
If it weren't for the modern-day logos on some of the men's T-shirts, a snapshot of the Colombian village of La Balsa could be easily mistaken for a print taken a century ago....
Riverside fears higher bills with bonds the villain in fiscal cliff stalemate
It isn't easy for Juan Venegas to support his wife and three children with the money he earns installing fiberglass at a construction company in Riverside, California. He's...
Jens Erik Gould
Too late for Martha *Jens Erik Gould* reports on a tragedy that helped change the law on abortion in Colombia. Martha Solay spent Mother's Day in pain, knowing her life would...

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