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I am - in no particular order - a gamer geek, a word nerd, a theater mom, an autism acceptance advocate, a widow, a writer, a reader, a troper, a decent cook, a poor housekeeper, a brown thumb, an amateur linguist, a blogger, a puzzle-solver, a first-aid provider, a healer of broken teenage hearts, a Girl Scout Cookie seller, a lapsed cellist, a singer, a social liberal, and a weight watcher. I live with my daughters, ages 15 and ten. I spend a lot of time and energy supplementing their education by hiding math and science in everyday activities like baking or arts and crafts, and linguistics and literature in watching television and reading comics (and I guess I should put "educator" in the list of things I can do up there).

And Now for Something Completely Different

And no, it's neither the Spanish Inquisition (bet you weren't expecting that), nor the Ministry of Silly Walks. Nope, this one is about allergies. But wait, you might say, you've talked about allergies before, so it's not something completely different. I have, because usually allergies lead to sinus infections.


This post is dedicated to my father, who is less than comfortable with the online connectedness of today's society. I can understand this reticence intellectually, although I do not grok it personally. There's a lot out there, and much of it is Not Good.


There are a lot of them around the Internet. And in real life, especially in the last few months. Some of these, especially in activist circles, are things like (insert-majority)-splaining, privilege, and intersectionality. I try really really hard not to do the first (though sometimes I slip), to be aware of the second, and to practice the third, special liberal snowflake that I am.

The Paper

I posted a couple days ago about the paper on adoption by homosexual parents that I wrote for my Research Writing class. Posting the entire paper here is cumbersome, but I believe that the topic is both important and um... well... topical, so here goes.

Top 7 Kid-Friendly Sushi Dishes Around Seattle

If you've read my personal blog, you know of my fondness for Sushi Hana, here in the town of Bothell, north and a bit east of Seattle. When we first started going out for sushi, though, I could only get the kids to eat fruit and sticky rice, and so my husband and I made a decree: each time we go, the kids have to at least try a new food.

The Sheilas and the Bloke go out to Dinner

So my mom offered to take us out to dinner tonight, as it's Valentine's Day and she didn't get around to getting us a gift card. We ah... converged on the Outback Steakhouse nearest us and settled into a booth one person too small (and none of the three adults is a small person).

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