Jennifer Rose Mullin

Writer and Editor

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La-di-da. Just because you know how to type and hit "post" doesn't make you a writer.
Says the person who copyedits her text messages.

I transform content in a way that
is both playful and engaging -- crafting messages
for topics ranging from baseball to recycling
to an afternoon in Florence.

After 15+ years of editorial experience in media production, publishing and content creation,
I am seeking a values-driven position.
My content is valuable and I am passionate
about my next role...with you!

I've produced and written content for a famous sports website,,
planned and created media packages for prominent educational publishers, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons,
edited travel guides and children's books for a company based on a celebrated mouse, Disney
Then I started a blog all about our favorite lifestyle daydreams...yours truly, The Fiery Redhead.

What do I prefer to write about?
I have a personal affinity for wine, travel, food, nature and animals
but if someone is a good writer, they can write about anything.
Strike that, I'm a GREAT writer.

My roots are in writing and editing with a communications degree in good, old and trusty print journalism. Chops.
Bells and whistles learned on the job.

In a nutshell,
I can produce your web content, create your content, edit your content. (I'm basically a content queen.)
I can manage your projects, write and manipulate your copy, make your media socially acceptable.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
5 Essential North Fork Wineries

The North Fork planted its first vines 40 years ago, and it's really starting to pay off. The Long Island wine region is producing some of the best wine in the country. Only 26 miles long, less than 50 wineries and only 3,000 acres, talk about intimate.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Keep Passing The Open Windows

I didn't know Robin Williams personally. But I spent a number of critical moments with him throughout my childhood and adult life. I think that's why we've all been touched so deeply by his sudden passing, and the manner in which he left this world.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
3 Tips For Taking Fantastic Smartphone Photos

As many of you know, photos are an integral part of any blog, especially a travel blog. We all love to see the places that our favorite bloggers visit: the emerald green hills of Ireland, the terra-cotta stained walls of Istanbul, the sparkling, cerulean waters of Santorini or even their favorite neighborhood coffee shop.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Your Opinion Matters

When I write something in all caps, I'm serious. It's not difficult to ascertain. Anyone who knows me, even just peripherally, knows I'm a huge animal person. Even if you just notice the headlines of what I post, it's blatant. Regular readers of my blog know I'm a vegetarian since my teen years and I ...

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Travels: Red Hook

With its cobblestone streets and Civil War-era warehouses, Red Hook feels like a lifetime away from Manhattan. A day trip (that turns into a night trip!) may have you thinking you've left the country. There is something quite tantalizing about this small waterfront community.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Moroccan Lentil Soup

The dreamy scent of this aromatic soup alone will have you popping back into the pot for one more bite! Then those spices will make you do a little dance right there in the kitchen. This Moroccan Lentil Soup is pure delight for the senses! Look at those gorgeous warm colors.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Travels: Joshua Tree National Park

Located in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts in Southern California is a stark geological landscape littered with unruly Joshua trees and massive boulder piles. A Golden eagle may fly overhead or a roadrunner will certainly pass you by. Welcome to Joshua Tree National Park! The Joshua tree is thought to have been named by Mormon ...

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Apéritifs & Amuse Bouches: Lemon-Thyme White Bean Dip

It's that time again...Apéritifs and Amuse Bouches! You don't need to be fancy city folk to participate. Everyone is invited! Now, how about some lemony, creamy white bean dip alongside that glass of sparkling loveliness? Last week I raved about the custom of apéritifs before a night out on the town.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Libations: The Irish Manhattan

A classic cocktail. It's up there with dinner at 21, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and watching the sun go down atop the Empire State Building. Manhattan: It's as classic as they come. The city and the drink... So how do you improve upon a classic? Go richer. Go deeper.

The Fiery Redhead Blog
Wine Wednesday: Sultry Sancerre

Hello wine friends! In an effort to explore new and different wine varietals, today I bring you Sancerre. Sauvignon Blanc's softer, sexier and sometimes sultrier sister. She slips in the room, bright and crisp, but ends up tricking you in the end. Soft and mellow with smoky citrus notes.

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