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Jennifer Kilgore

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Have you ever met someone passionate about what they do? Talked with someone who gets up every morning excited to dig into the projects scheduled that day? Chatted with a person who can't wait to get to work?

If not, you have now.

I'm a writer, and people often ask me what I write about. The answer? Everything. Anything. I love learning new things and writing about them. I write blogs, marketing copy, stories, ad copy and newsletters.

I'm a sales person in writer's clothing--I subtly sell the ideas, stories and products I'm writing about. I draw readers into my narrative and gently pull them around to my way of thinking. And I did I mention, I love doing it?

I have a passion for improvement, meaning I'm not afraid of a little constructive feedback--I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get it right. And I'm available for your next writing project, so don't hesitate to contact me.

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The Caregiver's Brain

It takes a special person to be a caregiver, especially if you are caring for a family member in addition to your other life responsibilities. That's because caregiving is a selfless act, one that requires time and money, energy and love.

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