Jennifer Gaie Hellum

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I'm a multimedia journalist specializing in social media and a personal branding blogger.

In 2010, I earned a master's degree in journalism at Arizona State University's Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. During my graduate studies, I recognized that my earlier journalism degree and career in advertising gave me a unique understanding of social media's role in the evolving news business. Whether I'm monitoring social media to help reporters write people's stories or teaching reporters and journalism students to use social media to communicate their brands, I love the collaborative newsroom experience of using social media to connect journalists with their communities and create conversations.

During the past year, I worked as a social media producer at azcentral, The Arizona Republic's online news site. I also have given several guest lectures at the Cronkite School about personal branding and using social media as a reporting tool.

I've been fortunate to have moved from coast to coast five times and lived in major cities across the U.S. As a Midwesterner from Green Bay, my experiences of moving from Boston to Philly to Chicago to L.A., from New York to Chicago to St. Louis to Phoenix, and now returning to New York, have given me an appreciation of our country's diverse cultures that informs my journalism.


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