Jen Maylack

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Jen Maylack works in film and television, with recent credits including HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons” and a forthcoming sports documentary involving sex abuse within USA Gymnastics.

Received a Master of Science from the London School of Economics in 2015 before moving to New York.

The Infatuation
Where To Eat And Drink In St. Louis - St. Louis - The Infatuation

In 1904, the hot dog bun, waffle cone, and x-ray were all introduced at the World's Fair in St. Louis. Two of these inventions forever changed how we spend our summers and cemented St. Louis as a key locale in American food history. The other was the x-ray.

The Atlantic
How a Glass Terrarium Changed the World

If you've ever eaten a banana, changed a car tire, or accidentally killed an orchid, then you have the Wardian case to thank. Unfortunately, you can probably also blame this small, sealed container for the rapid spread of both European colonialism and invasive plant species in the 19th century.

Girlboss Media: Redefining success for ourselves.
How To Level Up Your Wine Game (Whilst Still Drinking Boxed Wine)

For those who might be unsure of where to start, Adams encourages drinkers to find someone to help expand their palette. This can be anyone from an employee at a local wine store who understands your tastes, all the way to a professional wine journalist like the New York Times' Eric Asimov, whose selections are almost guaranteed to delight.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Champagne House Taittinger Plants Flag in England | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger planted vines at the brand's new Kent vineyard this week, marking the first time a major French Champagne House has forayed into UK real estate. Taittinger and UK wine importer and wholesaler Hatch Mansfield announced their joint vineyard venture in 2015.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Labor Shortage Hits American Winegrowers | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

The wine industry is being squeezed by a nationwide labor shortage that has been exacerbated by stricter U.S. immigration policies, even as the Silicon Valley Bank predicts a 2- to 3-percent rise in wine volume this year. Despite rising wages and an increase in benefits, U.S.

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