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Jenny Butler

Freelance Content Writer

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Way back a long time ago a scrappy, young college student set out to light the world ablaze with her mad skills in graphic design. Sadly (or maybe for the best), this young artist lacked the skill (and let's face it, the love) to be the next great female artist. She instead turned her time and energy toward her true, hidden but still first, love: reading and writing. And so with a change in major from Art to English Lit, this college student dove headlong into the world of reading and writing. Immersed in the works of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Bronte, Gissing, Hardy, Gaskell, Wilde and Dickens (the heroine of this tale is NOT a Dickens fan) to name a few, she procured a BA in English Literature; paid for in hours of reading, analyzing, writing and note taking. She graduated Magna Cum Laude to prove her love for English.

Fast forward a few years and this spirited student moved into real life with a family in tow. To keep skills sharp and make a little extra cash she started doing side writing jobs for family, friends, and later, grateful clients. With a talent for shaping words into ideas, she moved into "ghost writing" for clients and has worked for several small marketing companies as their go-to SEO content writer. Writing about everything from financial planning to truck tires to dentistry, she has the skill to not only write about any subject, but also make it sound interesting (and on occasion, humorous). By the way, this is about me...

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Spring Time Curb Appeal

Original post was a "ghost writing" blog for a marketing company. Original work

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History of Last Names

Original post was a "ghost writing" blog for a marketing company. Original work

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