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Construction Equipment Guide
Contractors Use a Grove to Assemble a Manitowoc on Tough, Uneven Terrain

Mosites Construction & Development Company (Mosites) is working on a $93 million infrastructure project that will add seven new bridges along 4 mi. of highway on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Pittsburgh. The pier caps of the first bridge have already been completed, and two Manitowoc cranes - a Manitowoc MLC165-1 and a Grove GHC75 - were crucial to the success of the project.

Modern Pumping Today
Electric Submersible Pumps Land a Starring Role

A bylined cover story written for my former client, Tsurumi Pump. The story details the company's involvement with Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel, and it has already positively affected Tsurumi's bottom line by attracting new customers.

American Cranes & Transport
Canada's first TMS9000-2 saves hours on the job

When Manitowoc introduced the Grove TMS9000-2 in February of 2017, it also revealed the mantra behind the crane's design: lighter, longer, stronger. It was these very same attributes that led R&D Crane Rental (R&D) to be the first company in Canada to take delivery of the new-model truck crane.

American Cranes & Transport
Manitowoc tackles power plant project

A $500 million project is underway to upgrade the Sooner Generating Station, a coal-fired power plant in Red Rock, OK. A Manitowoc MLC650 crawler is at the center of the action on the "coal scrubber project," as it's been dubbed by contractors on the job.

Custom Client Publication
Looking UP Magazine (October 2017)

Official magazine of Manitowoc Cranes, featuring interviews with key personnel, customer testimonials, industry trends and more.

Water Quality Products
Pumping La Primavera

La Primavera Urbana, a luxury Colombian shopping center, replicated an Andes Mountains river system during a seven-month project. La Primavera Urbana is one of Colombia's newest luxury shopping centers and home to one of the most ambitious water features in South America.

Press Release
Rental pumps crucial in Louisiana flood cleanup efforts

The record-breaking storms in Louisiana have caused flooding that many consider to be the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Sandy, which hit the East Coast four years ago. Many towns were hit with more than 30 in of rain, causing an estimated $30 million in damage throughout the region.

D.C. Clean Rivers Project employs Tsurumi pumps

A host of Tsurumi pumps have contributed to The D.C. Clean Rivers Project in Washington, D.C., a massive infrastructure project that will capture the combined sewer overflows (CSOs) that are wreaking havoc on the region's waterways.

Pumps & Systems
6 Common Threats to Pumps in Mining Applications

No industry puts its pumps through the ringer quite like mining. When the price of commodities such as gold spike in the short term, there is no time to lose-companies have to act fast to extract whatever they can as quickly as possible.