Julio J. Ramirez

Composer of Composure

Location icon United States

An aspiring writer who is currently freelancing through various contract jobs in order to hone my skills, while also gaining the much needed experience to allow my career options to flourish. When I'm not writing, I work part-time at a local Deli during the week and with my older brother at a smoke shop on the weekends. I try to keep myself busy, as being idle is the first step to a deplorable stagnation. An emblazoned struggle and independence are the main contributors to my niche in this world. I am a rather simple individual at heart. I didn't have much offered to me growing up, so I fleshed out my views on the world early on in life. This allowed me to become filled with wisdom and passion. Mediocrity has been the one nightmare that has kept me awake through the nights where I wanted to give up. My heart is a forge, and my blood is pure fire. I will continue to refine and reshape myself until I am a author of legends. I am a natural philanthropist and seek only to enlighten those around me with a good laugh, a great story, and the absolute best impression of themselves.

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