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The University of the Philippines goes back to its roots by serving the true-blue ‘scholars of the nation.’

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Words from a wise man

As a Vietnam War veteran, an AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) Chief of Staff, a Cabinet Secretary and of course, a Philippine President, Fidel Valdez Ramos (FVR) is truly a man of experience.

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Catching stars

While some animators would pattern their works from Japanese and western approach, Erika’s animation style is one that was inspired by classic Filipino children’s book illustrations.

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The youth can

Young people prove that a true scientist is not measured by age but by ability, and one’s impact on society

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The walls that unite us

Photowalking is truly becoming more and more popular not only for hobbyists and professional photographers but also among groups of friends armed with smartphones or even ordinary digital cameras.

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Let the colors flow

One of the few painters in the Philippines who found delight in the use of watercolor is the multiawarded artist Jonahmar Salvosa. Currently the president of the arts group Agos Kulay Maynila, he and his army of painters are leading a colorful revolution to revive this fading form of art.

A life rebounding

"My husband tied ropes around the handles of empty jugs that we were using to sell tuba and threw them out as lifesavers to our neighbors and pulled them in."

The Philippine Star, The Standard
PH joins global 'Day of Action

Over 500 public school pupils across the country were given new trolley bags and school supplies while 192 Negrense mothers received life-saving information about safe motherhood practices as the Philippines, through the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), participated in the United Way Day of Action 2017.

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This Professor Lights Up Their Life

Remember that professor in college who knows all the cool stuff and is almost a member of your barkada? The one that has the funniest class but you still learn something from him? The professor who doesn’t just teach but let his students learn from experiences by example?

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When the writer becomes the painter

Author Gilda Cordero-Fernando is this year’s Palanca Gawad Dangal ng Lahi awardee. She has, in the past, received several Palancas for her short stories Early in our World, The Morning Before Us, and Sunburn. But Gilda does not just write her stories now, she paints them, too.

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Coping with technology

How the ‘Old School’ deals with the changing landscape of the classroom

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Dreaming Big

It is indeed a “New Year, New Life” for one of the country’s recent additions to the roster of beauty pageant titleholders. Bea believes that this is just the beginning and she is excited for what’s in store for her this 2014.

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Never too late

Old age does not mean an end to learning. Studies show that mental stimulation encourages new connections between brain cells. It is even possible to increase memory sharpness through training. These two grandparents prove exactly that, flexing their brain muscles and going back to school.

Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star
PBSP kicks off Luzon tree planting season

Some 1,250 fruit-bearing trees were planted on two hectares of denuded forest land at the Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape (UM- RBPL) as Philippine Business for Social Progress's (PBSP) recently opened this year's tree-planting season.

PBSP's 'Ready for School' turns 10

Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) celebrates its 10th Ready for School (RFS) campaign. The annual initiative which will run throughout the month of May will engage various companies from all over the country. RFS gathers over 700 employee-volunteers from participating companies who prepare various public schools nationwide in time for the opening of the ...

Cebu Daily News
PH leads first street art project vs air pollution - Cebu Daily News

PBSP'S SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FAIR It is common for many commuters in Metro Manila to wipe a layer of soot from their faces after their daily commute to and from their schools or offices. Skin irritation and acne breakouts are just some of the annoying inconveniences roadside pollution can cause, but just imagine what could happen ...

SunStar Davao, Business World
PBSP solves societal woes

A PAINT that can knock out pollution from the air, a mobile digital laboratory for public schools, farmers supplying vegetables directly to a popular fast food chain, and a free website development workshop for small businesses ­ these are just a few of the sustainable solutions that companies presented during the country's first "SOLB!: Sustainable Solutions Fair" held recently at the Makati Shangri­La Hotel in Makati City

From the slums to the university

Former scavenger and now UP freshman Francis Nicole Maga shares how she triumphed over life's challenges The slums are feared for its dark reputation as the nesting grounds for criminals and gangs, a hostile environment even for its inhabitants, and a chaotic place driven by poverty and neglect which mirrors society's decaying flaws.

Manila Bulletin
Modern-day Thomasites: The Teachers of Pamarawan Island

Who would say that the Thomasites are no more? Indeed, these noble American teachers who traveled the expanse of the Pacific Ocean to educate the Filipino youth are now just in between our history books' pages, but their legacy and inspiration live on.