Jaxx Penington

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Finishing up a bachelors in communications, with a passion for all things travel.

I am a dedicated and ambitious individual always looking for new projects.

Creating the right material for clients, traveling, writing, and basic photography are only some of the skill involved in bringing to life some of the most viewed well received content on-line.
As a freelance writer, it's my job to conceptualize and make what I love.

-Fan contributor for Fandom.com

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What Should We Expect Next From 'Naruto'?

No matter who we are; age, race, gender, or species, at some point we all yearn to be stronger. We imagine that within each of us there is something bigger to be brought out of. We can all hear it, that wake-up call inside of us just waiting to break free!

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Is 'The Boy and the Beast' This Year's Best Anime Feature?

The new animated supernatural movie The Boy and the Beast comes out on June 7 on DVD. It's something most audiences in America have yet to see. This masterpiece is 'an age-old tale' of an orphan named Kyuta (Luci Christian & Eric Vale), trying to find his place in the world.

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