Jason Reddock

Junior Copywriter/Associate Editor

Location icon United States

I write and edit because it's what I do best. I love to discover the possibilities in a sentence, which is why I spend so much time perfecting my prose.

I help business owners manage their content to-do list by writing, editing, and researching topics that their particular audience wants to read.

If time is not your friend, I can help. You can reach me at [email protected] or call me directly at 253.348.7186.



Inside EP: Studio Update

Endless Prints offers a modern and simplistic approach to print and marketing services.

3 Reasons Simple Logo Designs Work Best

Multi-colored, overly complex logos are a graphic designer's worst nightmare. They're distracting and confusing. Plus, they look bad. Keep it simple instead. Think visual tweet. Consider Nike's swoosh, for example. It's one of the most recognizable logos in the world. In fact, it's screen-printed on millions of products and adorned by thousands of athletes across the globe.

Sound Synergies
Introducing PROcussionCare

PROcussionCare enhances & protects sound quality & instrument life longer than conventional lubricants.

Sound Synergies
Sound Synergies' LectriCare

Introducing a breakthrough in the music industry that extends the life of musical instruments and equipment in one simple step.


Proposal for Donation Support

One-page proposal that's responsible for collecting 45 prescription sunglasses, 460 toothbrushes, 92 individual toothpastes, 46 floss, and 35 dental hygiene kits from local dentist and optometrist offices.

Print Flyer
First Annual Ladies Retreat

Print flyer for four girlfriends who hoped to celebrate their longtime friendship with an unforgettable day and night in Seattle, Washington.

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