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I've been writing documents of all kinds for years! I'm more than ready to write technical documentation for your company. Reach out to me so we can talk about how I can help you with your technical documentation needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take a look at the selected samples of my work below.

Blog Glossary Sample

Glossary terms that define pro wrestling storytelling jargon with examples applicable to movies.
Enrollment Steps Template Email

Sample email I created to help students begin their enrollment steps for Criminal Justice degree program.

California State University, East Bay
Training Proposal

Proposal for a corporation to initiate an experimental training course that teaches the methods of its top performers to other employees.

California State University, East Bay
Business Letter of Transmittal

Business Letter of Transmittal for ABC Education Proposal, preparing the reader for the proposal and its contents.

California State University, East Bay
Informative Abstract

Abstract for the ABC Education Proposal, dissecting the four essential elements of the proposal before writing it.

California State University, East Bay
Communication Triangle Analysis

Analysis of all communication objectives (especially common ground) before writing the ABC Education proposal.

California State University, East Bay
MLK Speech Analysis

Analysis of rhetorical devices used by Martin Luther King Jr. in his I Have A Dream speech.

California State University, East Bay
Conclusion Essay

Final Review of Technical Writing Course

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