Jasmin Miranda

Freelance Writer, Photographer, Design

Location icon United States of America

I'm a nomadic missionary in my roaring twenties;
University of Florida journalism junior with a desire to help others with my writing by being a genuine encouragement in all aspects.
This desire stems deep into my faith as I’m a youth leader and former children’s ministry teacher for First Baptist Church of Windermere.
I’m the historian chair for my sorority, Theta Alpha, and I love to throw what I know.
I enjoy long walks on the beach because I’m part mermaid and am fluent in both Spanish and sass because the other half of me is a true life hispanic Disney princess.
My unhealthy mermaid obsession and sarcasm sometimes results in awards when turned into magical realism stories.
My life goals include writing for magazines, starting an organization to help lone adolescents, becoming Taylor Swift’s best friend and owning a Scottish Fold.

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