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Jasmine Lee-Zogbessou


Location icon United Kingdom

Highly qualified NCTJ accredited and experienced journalist. I am able to source, cover and produce engaging content for different platforms, audiences and objectives. Creative and adaptable, I have developed my skill-set in digital journalism and particularly enjoy writing about race, gender, and dating on a freelance basis.

Dating Online As A Black Woman

In 2014, OkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder found that there is clear bias against Black dating app users, showing that Black women in particular are considered the least attractive demographic in heterosexual dating.

What Can MBAs Learn From Doing Business In Dubai?

Doing business in Dubai might not be at the forefront of most MBA students' minds, but it should be. The city sits in a region-the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia-which is projected to reach a combined GDP of $12.8 trillion by 2030.

Do I belong in the journalism industry?

It’s natural to feel out of place when you’re the only black person in the newsroom, which happens often as black journalists only make up 0.2% of the industry, according to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (2015).

How To Mastermind A Company's Digital Transformation

The business landscape is evolving. Consumer needs aren’t the same as they were yesterday. As technology disrupts industries, companies are looking for new ways to grow and stay relevant.

Verdict Foodservice
Impossible Foods: the rise of the meat-free plant-based burger

The growing trend of ‘meatless’ meat has provided the restaurant industry with alternatives to meet the needs of the growing number of vegetarians, particularly the plant-based burger. But, are ‘bleeding’ burgers really the answer for non-meat eating diners?

Why late night dining is becoming the latest food trend

As one of the fastest growing modern food trends in the foodservice industry, overnight dining, or night owl dining as it's otherwise known, accounts for 83% of the UK's out-of-home dining's (OOH) overall growth.

Verdict Foodservice
Are edible flowers a foodservice trend to watch?

Organic September has shone a light on a range of emerging trends, from root to stem vegetable use to grass-fed meat. One of the trends expected to be fully included in organic products and restaurants this year is edible flowers. However, is this aesthetic addition to the menu something that diners actually want?

How the Takeda-Shire deal will change drug development

Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical this week agreed to buy Ireland’s Shire for $65 billion. The deal adds a 60% premium to Shire's market value before Takeda first declared its interest six weeks ago.

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