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Jani Hall Leuschel

Freelance health and nutrition writer

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After spending years as a personal trainer/fitness instructor, I wanted more knowledge about food and human health so that I could return to writing, which I had pursued briefly as a copy editor and freelancer with a major daily newspaper. So, I went back to college to get a BS in nutrition that would form a synergistic combo with my MS in kinesiology.

I work to create content firmly grounded in science and tell true stories that inspire and generate interest. Topics include health, fitness, and nutrition -- often, with a culinary or public health spin.

Last spring, I also discovered the anguish and joy of writing about politics.

Thanks for reading! :)


Health and Nutrition

Richland Student Media
'Superfungus' Candida strain poses world-wide threat

Fatal bloodstream infections caused by a drug-resistant fungus are a growing public health threat, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as reported in the National Press. The "superbug" or "super fungus" Candida auris does not respond to first, second or even third-line antifungal med

Richland Student Media
HIV testing on campus

"Rates for new infections and for people living with HIV are high in this area [75243 zip code] of Dallas," said Edgar Gonzalez, the health education coordinator with Project Impact, an outreach and education organization that focuses on AIDS testing and prevention. Project Impact works in partnership with the Richland Health Center in providing free HIV testing.

Richland Chronicle
Simulating the trials of hunger

Story describing an interactive hunger simulation; detailing the process of getting food assistance

Richland Student Media
Alert in Albuquerque: Spring breaking at the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest

Creamy and light or black and bold, Albuquerque's Ninth Annual Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest was a mecca for indulgent sipping and savoring March 16 - 17 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One hundred and fifty vendors filled the Manuel Lujan Building at Expo New Mexico offering up samples and hoping


Richland Student Media
Texas lawmakers tackle everything from taxes to scooters

The 86th biennial session of the Texas Legislature is addressing issues ranging from the mundane to life-changing - scooter regulation, possession of marijuana, hemp farming and refusal of services due to faith. A slew of proposals would regulate medical concerns; other bills address sexual misconduct. This is a tiny sampling.

Richland Student Media
DCCCD seeks $1.1 billion bond approval

A $1.1 billion bond program goes before Dallas County voters May 4, with early voting April 22-30. Dallas County Community College (DCCCD) trustees moved the package forward at their Feb. 4 meeting. DCCCD Chief Financial Officer John Robertson said that if voters approve the package, the bonds will be released for sale in four separate series over six years starting in 2020.

Richland Student Media
Voter registration window to close soon

Races for the council seats are all contested with former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller running against Jennifer Staubach Gates for Place 13. Richland is in District 10 where incumbent Adam McGough is being challenged by D'Andrala "Dede" Alexander and Sirrano Keith Baldeo. "You know, it's really interesting, the old saying, that all politics is local.

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