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South Florida News Service
Flaming Classics and O, Miami host "A Night of Queer Performance and Cinema"

Two Miami-based arts organizations recently united to present "Club Jewel Box: A Night of Queer Cinema and Performance," a one-night art installation celebrating Miami's queer culture. The event, held on April 13 inside The Jewel Box on the National YoungArts Foundation campus near Wynwood, celebrated art that pushed the boundaries of homosexuality and eroticism with six avant-garde films and accompanying performances.

South Florida News Service
Tattoo enthusiasts unite to fight Lyme disease

Lauren Lovejoy had spent over a year bedridden, under the care of her parents. She'd seen more than 60 medical practitioners who'd diagnosed her with psychosomatic issues or generalized anxiety. Some said she wasn't sick at all. None had been able to diagnose her with what she really had: Lyme disease.

South Florida News Service
One year after landmark law, medical marijuana still an uphill battle

One year after Amendment 2 went into action, permitting the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients, and Floridians are still having to jump through hoops to get medical marijuana. The law, which was voted on in November 2016, became effective in January 2017.

South Florida News Service
"Scene Room" project aims to calm inmates with natural setting - indoors

The Florida Department of Corrections has recently launched the "Scenic Room" project at Dade Correctional Institution. Spokeswoman Ashley Cook said the project is an out-of-cell room, that allows inmates to immerse themselves in a nature-like environment. Inmates participate by request. "Inmates are able to choose

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Florida State University Bans All Greek Life | High Faluter

Florida State University has banned all Greek life after a student died at an off-campus frat party. Andrew Coeffy was 20 years old pledging Pi Kappa Phi. On the morning of November 3rd, he was found unresponsive after attending a party the night before. Tallahassee Police officials said there are indicators that alcohol may have ...

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Hey, Miami, everything will be alright. JK! | High Faluter

Living in Florida, you get the threat of a historic, crushing hurricane at least once a year. We're often told to brace for an environmental apocalypse, just to find ourselves in the midst of a slightly cloudier, rainier and windier day. Everyone makes it all into joke; until it isn't.


South Florida News Service
Suzanne Koptur - Plant Ecologist [Audio Slideshow]

Suzanne Koptur is a plant ecologist, conservation biologist and a professor at Florida International University. She studies the breeding systems of captive Milkweed Vines to better understand how they reproduce with one another. She self-pollinates them in the on-campus greenhouse. She strives to make people aware of


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