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I am a freelance journalist who writes on work, culture, tech, and many other corners of life.

I hold a BA in communications from Fordham University and an MA in writing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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Raleigh News & Observer
The Triangle's mental health care system shows the strain of 18 months of pandemic

When Robert D.' s 9-year-old daughter was two months into COVID-19 isolation following Durham Public Schools' closures, she began having episodes that signaled a serious decline in mental health. "The lack of playdates...the world just got pulled out from under her," Robert said. "The meltdowns got worse and worse - she could not cope."

Reno News & Review
RN&R * Local Stories * Feature Story * The registry * Mar 12, 2020

On a summer day in 1981, a woman took her six-year-old son, Adam, with her to Sears-she wanted to buy a lamp on sale. Adam asked if he could play video games in the nearby electronic section with some older boys, and she said yes. That would be the last time she'd ever see him.

Reno News & Review
Are Homes Sinking in South Reno?

Some South Reno residents find themselves upwards of $10,000 in the hole to fix what looks like sinking homes—but is actually a very expensive geology lesson.

Reno News & Review
New In Town

For recent transplants, finding community in Reno can be a challenge

Commercial Observer
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is Meeting Change Head On

If tasked with reading Eric Adams' résumé, one might understandably feel lacking by comparison. The fourth child of six, son of a butcher and a housecleaner who called Brownsville, Brooklyn (and later Jamaica, Queens) home, he graduated first in his class with the New York Police Academy.

Edible Reno-Tahoe Magazine
Edible Reno-Tahoe Magazine

Written by Jane K. Callahan Photos courtesy of Camp Richardson JT Basque Bar & Dining Room in Gardnerville. Photo by Jeff Dow Visitors and locals alike who want to dive into Nevada's history on a full belly should consider beginning where it all started: Carson Valley.

PR Daily
3 places to find fresh ideas - PR Daily

Are your brainstorming sessions just pumping out the same tired messages and tactics? Here are some tips for helping your team think outside the box. Most PR pros classify meetings as a waste of time. Teams go off-track (or in circles), and don't identify next steps.

Press Pages and Media Kits: Include These 7 Items to Please Reporters

Your interview goes swimmingly. The reporter asks more questions than what you had expected. She even requests you send over a photo of you and your co-founders to feature in the piece that they're publishing in a couple hours.Wait, a photo? You don't have one handy, and your co-founders...

Commercial Observer
Men At WeWork: Talking to WeWork Co-Founder Miguel McKelvey

Late last year, WeWork-the communal workspace company, which was founded in 2008-was valued at $5 billion. This co-working giant has been swallowing up hundreds of thousands of square feet of New York office space, and is only planning more. (It was reported last week that they're even bringing the concept to residential as well as commercial space.)

A New Year Means Cleaner Air for New Yorkers

A law passed by former Mayor Bloomberg five years ago will have New York City residents breathing easier this year - and even easier by 2030. Half a decade ago, thousands of buildings across the city were burning the cheap and dirty "residual oils" No. 6 and No. 4.