Jamie Soltis

Freelance Writer of the "Easy to Read" sort

United States

I write the way I speak, so my writing is often described as "easy to understand" or "kind of funny" or occasionally "like getting a sneak peak of heaven."

My work is usually categorized as essays or comedic sketches, but I also create much of the informational content for The Episcopal Actors' Guild, a charitable organization.

My niches and interests include:
human-interest stories
biking slowly
beer and breweries
the ocean
the human brain and body
animal behavior
philosophy .
and any kind of science that is written in an easily digestible way.

Curlew Quarterly
Issue No. 8 - 2020 - Curlew

This link will lead you to just a few sentences from my essay on experiencing the pandemic, rediscovering my love of bikes, and looking at depression from the outside.

Urban Hiking Brooklyn
Top 10 Things to Do in Brooklyn That Are Kind of Unique

I love the Brooklyn Bridge as much as the next guy, but you can only walk into Manhattan so many times before asking yourself, "Wait, did I forget to do something?" You did. But do not fret. In the words of Spot Conlon, "Never fear, Brooklyn is here!"