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Montreal Journalists Can't Count

Last Thursday, more than 2,000 and fewer than 76,000 people marched through the streets of Montreal to protest austerity-and that's as accurate as news reports on the...


Vape at Your Own Risk: Company-Ordered Recalls and the Lack of Regulation in the Canadian...

Flavour Crafters, one of Canada's largest manufacturers of e-cigarette liquids, received a 26-page report from a chemical analysis laboratory in Durham, North Carolina.


Montclair State adopts SAT/ACT-optional admissions

Beginning in 2015, applicants to Montclair State University need not stress over their standardized test scores. Last Monday, July 29, the university announced that it will...

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Montreal’s Favorite Malaysian is Back and Wants to Cook for You

For years, Nantha Kumar, the eccentric Malaysian chef who slung pad thai from a hole-in-the-wall on Duluth was one of the hidden gems of Montreal's food scene. But in 2011,...

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While biking home last night, I was doored. Moments before I would have ridden past a parked car, its front passenger-side door was opened and, with no time to react, I was...


Teacher denies radicalizing Canadian teens headed to Syria

A Muslim teacher once jailed by Canada as a security threat denied on Friday he had radicalized Canadian teens believed to have headed to Syria to fight with Islamic State,...


Montclair officials react to new high school graduation requirements

Acting state Education Commissioner David Hespe wants to be clear: passing a PARCC test is not a high school graduation requirement, at least through 2018. But earning a...


PARCC testing in Montclair

For the first time, in the spring of 2015, students in the Montclair School District will take the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests.


Montclair Civil Rights Commision discusses education concerns

"It's amazing to hear that the things that were wrong with the school system when my daughters were in school are still wrong," said Montclair author Valerie Wesley during a...


Montclair school's technology upgrades leave chalkboards in the dust

"A lot of schools were running on Chalk 2.0," joked Barry Haines, the new technology director for the Montclair School District. While this was said in jest, it captures the...


Unclear future for Montclair Women's Club

In spring of 2015, the Montclair Women's Club will celebrate its centennial. By spring 2016, the club may no longer exist. During a meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 16, Montclair...


Montclair stirred up over night football

A lesson learned: If you have a football game that goes late into the evening, you can expect the next Board of Education meeting to go even later. The board meeting this past...


Repairs and delays on Montclair-Boonton Line

Travelers on NJ Transit's Montclair-Boonton Line should anticipate fewer and slower trains in the wake of Tuesday night's derailment. NJ Transit has announced that the...


Montclair parents voice concerns at achievement gap meeting

Where problems of race and economics become entangled, you will find a knot of Gordian difficulty. The members of the Achievement Gap Advisory Panel, the volunteer group set to...

The Montreal Gazette

Two worlds meet at Montreal's Place Émilie-Gamelin

Jake Bleiberg Special to The Gazette MONTREAL - At the intersection of Berri St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd., nestled between the Bibliothèque nationale, the bus terminal and the...


Montclair Neighborhood Development Corp. pilots program for suspended district students

A couple of days spent watching TV is not what a suspension is supposed to be. However, that's how suspensions frequently turn out. To make suspensions something more than...

The Montreal Gazette

Gilles Côté's tale of redemption

The Montreal Gazette

A New Kind of Game Show

The urge to take a break from daily life and become someone dif- ferent — someone exciting — is one to which we can all relate. It is this longing, combined with the comedy of...


Train derails in Montclair

Editor's Note: An earlier draft of this story misstated that the derailment occurred on Wednesday evening when it, in fact, occurred on Tuesday evening. A commuter-laden NJ...


Contract confusion creates debt in Montclair school district

239,700 is a lot of money to owe, and to overlook. This sum was recently discovered to be owed to the Montclair School District by the Montclair Education Association, the union...