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Jade Prévost-Manuel

Freelance Journalist

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Jade Prévost-Manuel is a freelance journalist and current Master of Media in Journalism & Communication student at Western University in London, Canada. She previously served as the Science and Technology Editor of The McGill Tribune and as an editorial assistant for IC Axon.

Terra Observer Magazine
Diving under ice: Tales from 50 feet below

With neither ice nor cold water standing in their way, Ontario's ice divers plunge to icy depths for glimpses of Canada's most spectacular underwater wonders.


Intrepid Times
J'ouvert Morning in Trinidad and Tobago

It was the dead of night, but the sound of clashing pans, an explosive bass and toy whistles had traveled uphill from Trinidad and Tobago’s capital, Port of Spain. The noise reverberated through the neighbourhood with shockwave force—like standing under the dome of a clock tower bell while someone’s tugging at the chord.

Master of Media in Journalism and Communications, Western University
Not The World We Left

While announcing billions in funding for healthcare and economy, the Canadian government has said it won’t be repatriating nationals abroad. Three isolated Canadians explain confusion and uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19 travel bans.

Master of Media in Journalism and Communications, Western University
"They're not listening": One London homeowner's fight against expropriation

Nan Finlayson has lived at 100 Stanley Street for 30 years, but a city street-widening project is threatening to either move or demolish her house. With the expropriation decision looming, Finlayson is wasting no time in rallying her community to fight back.

Master of Media in Journalism and Communications, Western University
Film Tales From The Forest City

The invention of the digital camera provided photographers with a cheap way to capture thousands of photos ready for export and print in less than a second.​ But despite the quick turn-around time and versatility of digital, many are making the conscious return to film.

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