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Jade Prévost-Manuel

Freelance Journalist

Location icon Canada

Jade Prévost-Manuel is a current Master of Media in Journalism & Communication student at Western University in London, Canada. She previously served as the Science and Technology Editor of The McGill Tribune and as an editorial assistant for IC Axon. With significant copy editing, reporting, editorial and blogging experience behind her, she's now looking to build up her freelancing portfolio.



Master of Media in Journalism and Communications, Western University
Film Tales From The Forest City

The invention of the digital camera provided photographers with a cheap way to capture thousands of photos ready for export and print in less than a second.​ But despite the quick turn-around time and versatility of digital, many are making the conscious return to film.

Master of Media in Journalism and Communications, Western University
Rock Climbing: On the move from extreme sport to mainstream hobby

Belaying, ‘Biners and Toe Hooks are some of the words you might hear floating around an indoor rock climbing gym. Today the sport’s popularity is on the rise—and not just for adrenaline junkies. Jade Prévost-Manuel takes you into a popular London climbing gym for more on the story.

Blogging and Communications

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