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Jacob Blieu

Freelance Writer

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My favorite thing to do is to show someone their new favorite song and I bring that drive with me into every piece, interview, and song break I write.

Fashionably Early
Artist Spotlight: Baby Keem - Fashionably Early

Baby Keem is on deck. Working tirelessly, he's pumped out three stellar projects over the past year and secured a cosign from renowned producer, Cardo, setting himself up for larger successes as he continues to create music from Planet Keem. Not only that but he had a huge placement on TDE's Black Panther album that ...

10 Artists To Keep An Eye On In 2019 - F**K A LABEL

As with the beginning of any new year, it's officially time for the obligatory "who to watch in ___" post. However, there always seem to be the exact same few artists that keep getting pushed up across all major publications, hand-in-hand with huge promotion through streaming services, until they are the only ones being talked about at all - and that is a trend that we refuse to fall into here with so much amazing music in the world.

Fashionably Early
PREMIERE: OSTON - Sitting At The Kids Table (EP Stream) - Fashionably Early

The Chicago transplant from Utah who has been making a lot of noise with her powerful brand of Pop music over the past year is finally here with her debut EP, Sitting At The Kids Table. Produced by the very talented Dino Zisis, acclaimed for his work on Lady Gaga's ARTPOP, and with assistance from ...

Fashionably Early
changing cleo - help me out! - Fashionably Early

Australia is not short on top-notch burgeoning talent and changing cleo is a clear example of the type of skill I've come to expect from the scene that's captured my heart. With a strong sense of vocal control and self-awareness in his music, changing cleo is able to capture various emotions with the type of ...

Daily Chiefers
Mozzy Reminds Us What He Can Do w/ Gangland Landlord

The Sacramento emcee shows up and shows the fuck out throughout his brand new project, Gangland Landlord . With the cover art setting a definite tone for the album that follows, Mozzy immediately let's us know what level he'll be rocking out on across the track list thanks to intro song, "No Way (Intro)".

The Plug Society
stupid rich kid Releases Two New Tracks w/, "White Hoodie / Boys Cry"

The New Zealander is keeping up his momentum with the double release of "White Hoodie" and "Boys Cry". Both records allow us closer to the soul of this budding new musician, while showing off the different aspects of his music that set him apart from those working around him.

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