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The NJ Wire
Hunting the Jersey Devil in Gloucester County

I meet Paul Evans Pedersen Jr. at an undisclosed location. He's tall, bearded and smiling. I feel good having him around, you never know what you'll encounter in the Pine Barrens, home of the legendary Jersey Devil. Paul's the author of "New Tales from Old Haunts: The Legendary Pine Barrens," a lifelong resident of South...

Elevating the Edibles

In­side one pastry chef's al­tru­ist­ic marijuana bak­ing busi­ness. It's a sunny, warm Fri­day af­ter­noon in Philly. It's just be­fore 5 p.m. and people are filling the side­walks of Cen­ter City. I'm headed to a well-known Ritten­house res­taur­ant. But I'm not go­ing for din­ner... I'm here for dessert.

DNC in Philly: FDR Protests | Philly Weekly

Philadelphia Weekly is your local guide to Philly news, politics, music, restaurant reviews, bars, art, real estate, classifieds, photo galleries, videos and more.

Orthopedics On the Edge

In medicine, necessity certainly does springboard invention. For the U.S. Armed Forces, regenerative medicine is probably a necessity no one wished they'd have to tackle. But the need is of course there. We've all seen the images of U.S. soldiers returning home with battle scars that have no hope of healing.

Seven Rants for Star Wars: Episode VII

WARN­ING: SPOIL­ERS AHEAD WARN­ING: SPOIL­ERS AHEAD If you're like the mil­lions of Amer­ic­ans who went to see Star Wars Epis­ode VII: The Force Awakens over the past six days then you won't mind us re­veal­ing how things went down.

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