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Jackie Medvid

Social Media | Public Relations | Marketing

Location icon United States

My name is Jackie Medvid and I am a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations at Robert Morris University. I love learning new things and taking advantage of all opportunities that come my way. I am looking to pursue a career in the social media field.

I feel that storytelling is one of the most important aspects of any successful campaign. With an extensive background in theater, I know what it means to tell a good story. I love watching my own life's story evolve every day and influencing other's along the way. What will you make of YOUR story?


Flyers & Social Media Posts

National Hazing Prevention Week 💖😍🍩

This is a social media post that I made during National Hazing Prevention week for my chapter of my sorority, Sigma Kappa. We were giving out donuts to go with out theme of "These hands DONUT haze." I created the graphic using Canva.

Ultra Violet Event

This was a Twitter posting that I made the day before my sorority's philanthropy event to promote it. The main attraction of our event was that we would be bringing food trucks to our college campus. I wanted to emphasize the food trucks into the design of the graphic. I created this graphic using Canva.

NACHO Typical Sorority 🌮

This was a Twitter post that I made to advertise for my sorority's nacho bar recruitment event. We posted this flyer all over social media and hung it around Robert Morris University's campus. I created the poster using Canva.

Welcome Back!

This was a graphic I made to welcome all of Robert Morris University's students back to school on the first day of the fall semester.

Earth Day 🌎♻️

This was a Twitter post that I made advertising my sorority's recycling event that we were having for Earth Day! I created to poster using Canva.


Twitter Infographic

For one of my classes I had to create an infographic on how business owners can effectively utilize Twitter. This was a group project and my specific section was Content Creation. This infographic was created completely on Canva.

Event Planning
Make Your Mark 5K

I was in an event planning class in which we had to develop, coordinate, and execute a 5K. The 5K was in memorial of an Economics professor of the University that had recently passed away. Our class was split up into teams to handle different aspects of the 5K. I was on the sponsorship team. Our task was to collect sponsorships and donations for the event. We had to visit many businesses and contact organizations to get these donations. Our goal was to raise many to make a substantial...

Business Proposal

This is a proposal for how a club at Robert Morris University can work towards fixing their problems that they have been having. This was written for a Public Relations/Advertising Writing class. In order to complete this project, we had to choose an organization, identify issues they have been faced with, and propose possible solutions. We had to back all of our possible solutions with research. This is the final proposal.

News Release
Meet the Colonials News Release

This is a News Release that I wrote for the annual Robert Morris University event, Meet the Colonials. This document is intended to give all news sources the essential information of the event.

Public Relations
PR: Crisis Communication

This was an assignment for my Writing for Public Relations and Advertising class. In this scenario, my partner and I were playing the role of a PR team for an international company being directly impacted by a hurricane. We were given the crisis situation with different phases. Within the phases, we were given many questions that we had to answer for how we would handle the situation. This was our final report on the crisis situation and what we did.