Freelance Copywriter and Marketing Consultant


I'm a passionate marketer with a flair for copywriting, branding and marketing strategy. If you need a creative multipotentialite, who understands the power of storytelling and how to create meaningful copy that inspires your audience to become your clients - contact me!

boobook world
Value over volume - boobook world

What does it take to be an avant-garde leader in the wine and spirits industry? The secret of Pernod Ricard, the world number one brand for premium spirits, lies in a decentralised, customer-centric organization that understands the importance of brand equity.

Marketing 101: Maslow's hierarchy of needs and its relevance today

If you're a marketer, Abraham Maslow is the name you need to know. Why? Well, because psychology and marketing go together like gin and tonic. People buy products or services based on emotional needs or wants. This depends on the level of happiness, finances and life stage they're in.


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How Bruce Lee and freelancing helped me stay sane during the COVID-19 crisis - ID

Here we are. Day 38. The days all look alike but they are also very peaceful. You could say I'm beginning to like this new, different reality. A bold statement that could probably sound very grotesque a month ago. In Belgium, just like in many other countries worldwide, we have been in a full lockdown for over a month.