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Bula Vinaka!

My name is Biu and I'm a third year student in the University of the South Pacific studying Journalism and Politics. I hope to attain my degree at the end of this year and graduate in 2014.

As a budding journalist, school has its challenges and demands, but journalism is an exciting field to be in.


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For Fiji's future, apology accepted.

For someone to publicly admit the wrongs that they are responsible for takes a lot of humility and courage. Taukei Sawaieke Ratu Tevita Moemoedonu shared these sentiments when 1987 coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka made a traditional apology to the late Tui Vuda, Ratu Josefa Iloilo in 2010.

Celebrating competition

Loud cheering, a full house, a warm day and finding a spot to watch the games are all synonymous with Coca-Cola games that occur annually in Suva, Fiji. For most high school students, the event is greatly anticipated as everyone identifies themselves with their high schools participating during the games.

Sold identities

'Our very own Fiji airways' With more than two thousand people and counting signing the petition against Air Pacific gaining ownership to the 15 distinct masi designs, one can only wonder about the...

Being free to speak

'Post World Press Freedom Celebration' Theme: Safe to Speak: Securing Freedom of Expression in all media World Press Freedom Day was celebrated by USP Journalism Programme over two days with guest speakers, an oratory competition, alumni and student panels and a debate. While it was two very long days, it was clear that all participants enjoyed the experience.

Freedom is the means to an end

As preparations get underway for UNESCO World Press Freedom Day, much attention has turned to the definitions of press freedom and what press freedom entails. Many would ask: "what is the freedom of the press and how a concept that is idealistic in nature can be defined in the context of our cultures?"

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