Iain Wilson

Audio producer and writer

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I make audio stories under the moniker FOTW Audio Productions -- but I also like to write articles about film and music when I get the chance.

Love on a Real Train: the film legacy of Tangerine Dream

Kraftwerk are the group who get most talked about when it comes to the German influence on Western pop music. The documentary Synth Britannica explored how their tour of England in the late seventies inspired many young artists to forge ahead in what would become the 'new wave' scene.

Radio National
The BBC's Radiophonic Workshop and that famous Doctor Who sound

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the , Into The Music focuses on its famous musical theme, and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop that created it. As Iain Wilson writes, the Workshop's innovative sound experiments are intricately tied to the birth of electronic music.

AFI blog
Why I Adore... They're a Weird Mob

by Iain Wilson. One of my favourite Australian films is They're a Weird Mob (1966) - although like that other recently restored classic, Wake in Fright (1971), it was made by a foreign director. I've become interested in this film for a number of reasons: growing up, I had always liked horror films, and strangely...

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