Iffa Iryani


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Fell into consequential world of writing at a young age, always exploring the curiosities it brings forth. Journals, countless blogs and one too many English assignments later, I still delve in writing in many forms - through articles created for School Newsletters, the excerpts written for the School Magazines, and even taking a hand at writing music reviews online.

By day, I am an aspiring writer. By any other time, I am a budding aficionado of film photography. I marry both my love for writing and film photography by showcasing it on my personal website.

EP Review: Mediocre Haircut Crew "THE MHC EP" | ATMOS

When I first learnt about MHC, short for Mediocre Haircut Crew, which consists of the talented trio mickeyLEANO, omarKENOBI and daniKIDDO , I was intrigued. I found myself instantaneously bobbing my head to the songs from their from the get-go.

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