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Ilana Bodker

Copywriter, Storyteller and Editor

Frontline Dispatch
EMI Salvation Army Newsletter

The Spring edition of The Salvation Army's biannual newsletter for their Eastern Michigan division

The Salvation Army Indiana
Military Camp Emails

Emails sent to potential Salvation Army donors to support Military Kids Camp

The Millennial Side Hustle: What Does it Mean for Marketers? - Barkley

These days, it's not uncommon to hear someone introduce himself as a secretary/painter or a biologist/actor. When did a "slash" identity become commonplace? How standard is it to have a second job, aka a side hustle? As it turns out, it's quite typical, especially for the Millennial generation.

Millennial Marketing
Modern-Day Storytelling As Told By Millennial Tattoos | Millennial Marketing

I contribute marketing articles to MillennialMarketing.com. Find my other articles at http://www.millennialmarketing.com/author/ibodker/ -- Once only found on sailors and ex-convicts (you know it's true), tattoos have evolved into a way for people to mark their identities externally.

Payless ShoeSource
Payless Store Closing Letters

When Payless needed to inform customers that their local store was closing, I wrote the letter to redirect them to a nearby store or online.