Ian Vandaelle

Broadcast Associate, Business News Network

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I am a Broadcast Associate with the Business News Network, Canada's only business news broadcaster. Prior to BNN, I interned at both the Report on Business and the National Post, where I cut my teeth on not only business stories, but also politics and hard news.

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Maid of the Mist in peril: Bidding war over Niagara Falls' tour service raises concerns over what...

It began with a bridge in 1848, an infrastructure improvement that threatened to kill off the two-year-old ferry service across the Niagara River. The construction of a suspension bridge spanning the river nearly choked out the newly minted Maid of the Mist ferry service, but ownership soon saw a new opportunity - that of a sightseeing vessel, and created a local icon in the process.

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Census declares Atwater, Saskatchewan abandoned, residents dispute claim

Residents of the sleepy Saskatchewan village of Atwater awoke to a surprise Wednesday: Statistics Canada had declared their hometown abandoned. The 2011 census, which found Saskatchewan's population increased by 6.7%, topping one million for the first time since 1986, listed Atwater as having no dwellings or residents.