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Welcome! Thank you for visiting! My name is Ian Richards and I am a professional copywriter, marketer, strategist, blogger and UX specialist.

You'll find a wide variety or my work including, blog posts, multimedia promotions, pharmaceutical and medical copy, technical pieces, digital brochures, website copy, UX/UI copy, marketing copy, email copy and social media posts including video productions- highlighted by an instagram video post receiving over 62,000 views.

Throughout my life, I’ve been told that I have unique talent for making things look and sound better.

Whether that means fixing the slightly flat harmony on the 3rd vocal track of the first verse in a song I’m writing, or adding a few quick-witted puns and word plays to a dry blog post that lacked continuity and the "it" factor to keep my target audience yearning for more. No matter which way I turn, there’s simply something different about my relationship with language and sound that people notice.

I am a forward thinking, emotionally intelligent, tech savvy self-starter. I write strategic, outcome-driven content in a progressive style using factually relevant and audience-centered information.

As a content creator and copywriter I have 10 years of experience creating riveting and outcome driven content for a widely diverse number of professional platforms and specialties. My eclectic background, marked by 5 years of direct ad agency management, UX/UI copy, social media content and strategy, pharmaceutical copy, multi-media promotional copy and website and blog content, make my ability to offer unique and innovative ideas hard to find, and that much more valuable.

My sincerest gratitude to anyone who’s chosen to learn more about me; I hope it’s served its purpose.

Ian Richards


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Odd Radio |
Crazy Stories From A Hollywood Director and Producer: From Celebrities to the FBI | Odd Radio

Welcome to this week's episode of Against All Odds! This week, hosts Sean V. Bradley, CSP, and L.A. Williams- aka the Blind Master, are thrilled to host world renown and critically acclaimed Hollywood Movie Director, Filmmaker, Producer, Conceptual Director and Music Industry Innovator, Caesar Augustus of Augustus Films. More About this Episode Check out this episode as Sean and L.A.

Odd Radio |
Multi Billion Dollar Deals, Celebrity Apprentice, C-Suite Network, and More.

About Jeffrey Hayzlett Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV, and business podcast host of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett on C-Suite Radio. Jeffrey is also a global business celebrity, speaker, best-selling author, and Chairman of C-Suite Network, home of the world's most trusted network of C-Suite leaders.

Odd Radio |
How to Make Millions Fighting For the Voice of the Disabled Community | Odd Radio

Welcome to The Against All Odds Radio Show! This week on The Against All Odds Radio Show, host Sean V. Bradley and co host, L.A. Williams, aka the Blind Phone Master, produce a really powerful and enlightening episode, partly in recognition of National Disability month, partly in recognition of L.A.'s amazingness, and partly in recognition of their guest's success!

Odd Radio |
Learn How to be a BILLIONAIRE from a BILLIONAIRE | Odd Radio

This week on The Against All Odds Radio Show, host Sean V. Bradley, CSP, and co host, L.A. Williams, aka the Blind Phone Master, welcome Mr. Brad Lea, the highly successful, extremely wealthy and world renown CEO and Founder of Lightspeed VT- one of the leading authorities on training and development in the world, and the driving force behind Brad's ability to generate over a billion dollars in revenue over the course of his life.

Website Content

Everything Post-Hard 40
Pretty Lush, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence: Apology Culture in 2022

By Ian Richards For those in their late 30's/early 40's that grew up listening to heavy music that wasn't metal, the turn of the millennia was the greatest gift to heavy/melodic music the world will ever see. Something entirely new was happening. A revolution of artistic influence on melodic yet heavy music that had never been seen before.

Radio Ready Public Relations and Record Company
The Ten Year Program, by The Ten Year Program

The Ten Year Program's eponymous EP, released in October of 2018. It was met with critical acclaim and features six fully self produced songs, highlighted by the EP's single, "Ambien Wet Dream". The music was composed, written, played, recorded, and produced by Ian Richards. All vocals were completed by Richards' long time friend and musical partner, Jack McCracken

The Ten Year Program - The Ten Year Program

The Ten Year Program ​The Ten Year Program self-released; 2018 ​3.7 out of 5 By Vidal Granandos​ Music engineer Ian Richards and vocalist Jack McCracken have collaborated together composing a project ten years in the making, hence the album title opens up with the energetic "Ambien Wet Dreams." While the flow is upbeat, the dire song title is reflected even greater within the desperate chorus - "These are the pills I take to fall asleep, I'm not as restless as you think I should be.

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The Music Below
The Ten Year Program by The Ten Year Program - The Music Below

You might want to turn your volume up and remember the name The Ten Year Program. The duo released their 6 track Alternative Rock EP in full a few months ago and it's a perfect picture of what true musicianship can lead to.

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