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Ian Seth Levine's Portfolio

Freelance Content Marketer

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I’m a freelance content marketer who holds a master’s degree in Rhetoric, the art and science of persuasion.

I combine that education with my experience as a poet to write compelling content with vivid imagery that moves your readership to action.

For example, I blog for the American Red Cross. My supervisor wrote, "Ian's knowledge of different theories and techniques in English composition results in the creation of truly engaging blog posts, one of which yielded some of the highest views recorded during my time here."

It's invigorating to know that my words likely encouraged more people to donate their time, energy, and money. That's why my ideal clients are nonprofits with humanitarian missions.

But according to a study published last year in Fast Company, "…only 10% of people in the sector consider themselves to be well-trained storytellers…".

As a well-trained storyteller, I asked myself one question: If nonprofits are rooting for the underdog, who’s rooting for the nonprofits? Click the email button below for the answer.


Content Marketing (American Red Cross)

American Red Cross
My Red Cross Story: Manny Zuniga

Manny Zuniga ascends from a gang-infested, drug-fueled neighborhood by using volunteering as a way to inspire and rehabilitate those who were struggling the most.

American Red Cross
My Red Cross Story: Ken Jones

Ken Jones recounts how a chance meeting with a wounded soldier inspired him to modify video game controllers for people with physical disabilities.

American Red Cross
My Red Cross Story: Janice Chance

Janice Chance shares the bittersweet story of how her Marine son was killed in action because he generously agreed to take the place of another soldier.

Content Marketing (Say Bookkeeping)

Food Writing


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